March/April 2003  vol.9 no.2 issn 1082-4383  





Highlights in this Issue

netLibrary Grant Awards

On March 14 the Nebraska Library Commission awarded 27 libraries and schools in Nebraska small grants to assist in the purchase of the new netLibrary SOLINET/NEBASE Shared Collection 2003.

NEBASE Annual Meeting 2003 - West to be Held in Gering

April 17 is the date set for the NEBASE Annual Meeting 2003 - West this year in Gering.

Announcing the Fifth Annual Database Roadshow

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the statewide databases funded through the Nebraska Library Commission, you will want to attend the Database Roadshow 2003.

Confessions of a Database Trivia Addict

"I will admit, and I know I am not alone, that I am addicted to Database Trivia."

Free FirstSearch Promotional Toolkit Available

The updated FirstSearch promotional toolkit is available now at no charge!


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  netLibrary Grant Awards
  NEBASE Annual Meeting 2003 - West to be Held in Gering
  OCLC CatExpress Offer for New Subscribers: 13 Months for the Price of 12
  Need FrontPage or Web Development Training?
  One-Stop for Network Services Training
  NEBASE Workshop Calendar
  Announcing the Fifth Annual Database Roadshow
  netLibrary & Database Training Highlights
  Database Tips and Tricks: Browsing Publications in bigchalk eLibrary
  Trivia Challenge April Fool's Style
  Confessions of a Database Trivia Addict
  HW Wilson Makes Enhancements Based on Subscriber Input
  Two New Features in bigchalk eLibrary: Availability of Audio/Video Content and Local Configuration Options
  Database Order/Renewal Deadlines for 2003/2004 Subscription Terms
  Spring 2003 Database Trials Under Way
  Need Help Writing a Newsletter Article About netLibrary?
  OCLC NEWS     
  OCLC Product of the  Month:Local Data Record Updating
  Free FirstSearch Promotional Toolkit Available
  OCLC FirstSearch Service Enhancements
  OCLC ILL Library Policies Directory Released
  CatExpress Monthly Transaction Reports
  OCLC Connexion Client Preview Updated
  OCLC Connexion Migration Tips
  OCLC Connexion Monthly Maintenance Installation
  OCLC Language Sets - The Fast, Easy Way to Build Multilingual Collections
Windows 98 and NT Support to End June 30, 2003

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netLibrary Grant Awards

On March 14 the Nebraska Library Commission awarded 27 libraries and schools in Nebraska small grants to assist in the purchase of the new netLibrary SOLINET/NEBASE Shared Collection 2003. These schools and libraries will have the opportunity to subscribe to the upcoming collection of netLibrary eBooks containing thousands of titles from top academic and trade publishers in subjects suited for academic, public and secondary school libraries. The first phase of the new collection will be available this spring and the order deadline is expected to be June 13, 2003. For more information on the new netLibrary eBook collection visit </netserv/netlibrary2003.html>.

netLibrary Grant Awards recipients:

Ainsworth Public Library
Bayard Jr/Sr High School
Brownell-Talbot School
Fairbury Public Library
Gering High School
Hay Springs School
Hemingford Public Schools
Hoesch Memorial Public Library
Holy Family School
Lutheran High Northeast
Mitchell Jr/Sr High School
Morrill Public Library
Mount Michael High School
Ogallala High School
Orchard Public Library
Ord Township Library
Lied Pierce Public Library
Paxton Consolidated Schools
Platteview High School
Ponca Public Library
Rock County Public Library
Scribner-Snyder Community School
Seward Public Library
Shelton Township Library
Spalding Public Schools
Sutton Public Schools
Wisner-Pilger Jr/Sr High School

Shannon Behrhorst
Network Services/NEBASE Director
Nebraska Library Commission

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April 17 is the date set for the NEBASE Annual Meeting 2003 - West this year. The full-day meeting will be held at the Gering Civic Center. This year's meeting offers a variety of topics and attendees have their choice of three simultaneous afternoon sessions.

We encourage library staff to come early and join us before the meeting begins, for an informal "Meet and Greet." Network Services and NEBASE staff will be on hand to answer questions you may have, as well as demonstrate new database interfaces and OCLC products.

At lunch, library staff can choose the roundtable topic of their choice for a chance to learn and ask questions about hot topics in the library world.

The afternoon sessions offer a wide variety of information from OCLC's Connexion cataloging, to Book Repair, and netLibrary.

We welcome library staff from all over Nebraska to join us for the day's events.

You can register for the meeting and view the day's agenda online at </netserv/nam.html> or call Jeannette Powell at 800-307-2665 for more information.

See you in Gering!

Shannon Behrhorst
Network Services/NEBASE Director
Nebraska Library Commission

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NEBASE is offering a free trial month of OCLC CatExpress access to new subscribers. CatExpress provides web-based copy cataloging to small libraries at a low, flat-fee subscription price.

If you are cataloging 2,400 or fewer titles a year, CatExpress is the most efficient way to get your records into OCLC. A CatExpress subscription includes the cost of searching the WorldCat database, setting or deleting your holdings in WorldCat, receiving MARC records to load into your local system, and your telecommunications charges to OCLC.

The OCLC CatExpress trial subscription is a no-risk way to see if CatExpress is right for you and your library. Many libraries new to OCLC would like to know what kind of hit rate they will receive with CatExpress. You may also want to know how the records from OCLC can be processed by your local system. The trial option allows you to do real work with CatExpress, before committing to a subscription.

The introductory subscription is for the month of June 2003, and is free. If you do not wish to continue with CatExpress, simply cancel before the end of the month. If you do not cancel within that first month, the subscription automatically rolls over to the regular 12 month subscription, which runs from July 2003 - June 2004.

NEBASE will be taking orders for CatExpress from now through May 15. The free trial month will begin on June 1, 2003. If you decide to continue with CatExpress after the free trial month is over, you don't need to do a thing. You will automatically be added to NEBASE's CatExpress Group Subscription. You will only pay for the regular 12 month subscription, receiving 13 months of CatExpress access for the price of 12.

To learn more about CatExpress, and to see the special NEBASE Group Subscription Pricing, go to </netserv/nebase/catx.html>.

Email Christa Burns or phone 402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665 if you have any questions and to sign up for the CatExpress offer.

Christa Burns
OCLC Member Services Coordinator
Nebraska Library Commission

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Need FrontPage or Web Development Training?

MindLeaders classes may be right for you. The OCLC Institute offers Mind Leaders high-quality online technical courses for library staff on a variety of topics. The courses are web-based and provide effective and easy to use, self-paced courses. Courses on Microsoft FrontPage software are available through the MindLeaders Technical Web Development Group of classes.

The FrontPage 2000 Series includes four different courses including: Creating Web Sites, Building Pages, Working with Images, and Adding Spark to Your Site. FrontPage 97 and FrontPage 98 are also included.

The Technical Web Development series offers 120 courses in twenty different series. To view more about the MindLeaders Web Development online courses visit <>


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Now find all of your Network Services training needs from one web page. There is a new link on the Network Services homepage providing links to all types of training provided by Network Services and NEBASE. From this new link you can quickly view the types of training available and go directly to online registration pages. Try the new link "Training" located at: </netserv/netserv.html>

Shannon Behrhorst
NEBASE/Network Services Director
Nebraska Library Commission

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The following workshops have been scheduled. The location and date as well as a description of each of the workshops can be found at </netserv/nebase/oclcworkshopsdesc.html>.  To register for any of the workshops,  please complete the online registration form at </netserv/nebase/oclcworkshops.html#reg>. The workshop fee for NEBASE libraries is $10.  If you are not a NEBASE library*, please check the registration form for your workshop fee. If you have any questions, please contact Jeannette Powell at 402-471-7740 or 800-307-2665 or e-mail Jeannette Powell for registration fee.

*NEBASE libraries are Nebraska libraries who use OCLC cataloging or interlibrary loan services or who subscribe to FirstSearch. Although libraries who subscribe only to FirstSearch are eligible to pay the $10 workshop fee, they must pay by check.

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Need to brush up on your database searching skills?

Are you a Gate's library accessing the resources through the Nebraska Statewide Database Program for the first time?

If you have questions or would like to learn more about the statewide databases funded through the Nebraska Library Commission, you will want to attend the Database Roadshow 2003. The fifth annual Roadshow will provide librarians with training on four of the databases funded through the Nebraska Library Commission.

Training will cover WorldCat (available via OCLC FirstSearch), Books in Print with Reviews, Wilson OmniFile and Biographies Plus and bigchalk eLibrary (formerly Electric Library). The Roadshow will be divided into four segments, with each focusing on a particular database. During each segment we will discuss and demonstrate a database, and then the class will have hands on time to practice what they learned. Please bring any questions you may have and we will help you work through them during the hands on time. Continuing Education credits of 4.5 hours can be earned by attending the Roadshow.

There will be a one hour lunch break at approximately 11:30. Lunch is on your own.

Alliance - July 30, 2003 - 9:30 am - 3:00 pm MDT
Alliance Public Library

Beatrice - August 5, 2003 - 9:30 am - 3:00 pm CDT
Beatrice Public Library

Norfolk - August 12, 2003 - 9:30 am - 3:00 pm CDT
Northeast Community College

Omaha - August 19, 2003 - 9:30 am - 3:00 pm CDT
Omaha Public Library, downtown location

Kearney - September 9, 2003- 9:30 am - 3:00 pm CDT
Meridian Library System Office

Holdrege - October 2, 2003 - 9:30 am - 3:00 pm CDT
Holdrege Public Library

Lincoln - October 7, 2003 - 9:30 am - 3:00 pm CDT
Nebraska Library Commission offices

To attend one of the Database Roadshow 2003 training sessions please register using the online registration form located at: </netserv/roadshow.html>.
Class sizes are limited and registrations will be taken on a first come basis.

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On March 4 Network Services staff were in Elkhorn for the first of seven scheduled training sessions on netLibrary, Wilson and bigchalk eLibrary. The Metropolitan Community College lab was almost full that day even with the prediction of bad weather. Later that afternoon the snow caused the MCC campus in Elkhorn to close. Even though we had to wrap up the training session thirty minutes early we were able to squeeze everything in our afternoon session. We hope to see many more librarians and media specialist across the state as we continue the netLibrary and database upgrade training this spring.

Classes will be held in the following locations:

• March 25 Ainsworth
• March 26 Tilden
• April 17 Gering - as part of NEBASE Annual Meeting-West
• May 1 Lincoln - This class is full.
• May 20 McCook
• May 21 Kearney

If you are interested in attending either a netLibrary or an Updates on Upgrades class this spring take a look at our online registration form located on the web at </netserv/training.html>.

Shannon Behrhorst
Networks Services/NEBASE Director
Nebraska Library Commission


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In the former Electric Library, source lists consisted of nothing more than alphabetical title lists. Coverage start and end dates weren't included, and titles weren't hyperlinked to facilitate searching. In the new bigchalk eLibrary, however, the following functionality has been added to source lists:

Note: The expanded functionality described above is not available for maps and pictures.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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It's time to stump the Network Services Staff. Do you ever wonder how we come up with the weekly trivia quiz? Want to try and "out trivia" the trivia makers? Well, now it's your turn.

During the first week of April the Network Services staff will accept YOUR trivia questions. Send us your own trivia questions that can be answered using one of the resources available through the Nebraska Statewide Database Program and on Friday of that week we will post all the answers to all of your questions.

Beginning March 31 send your questions to Network Services.

To read more about the Database Trivia or see past questions and answers visit </netserv/trivia.html>.

Shannon Behrhorst
Network Services/NEBASE Director
Nebraska Library Commission

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  1. It breaks up the monotony of Fridays.
  2. You can never tell when you'll need to know that MC Hammer's real name is Stanley Kirk Burrell.
  3. It's fun to see who else is playing.
  4. It provides an opportunity to become familiar with the databases available statewide.
The above are four solid reasons for participating in Database Trivia, one of the services provided by the Network Services folks at the Nebraska Library Commission. Trivia questions are posted by NLC staff each Friday morning and corresponding answers are posted that afternoon, complete with a list of "winners" who submitted successful answers. The goal is simple: be the first to answer the question using NLC-negotiated databases.

I will admit, and I know I am not alone, that I am addicted to Database Trivia. Since I have begun playing, the questions have ranged from practical (What is the projected population for the state of Nebraska in the year 2020?), to inane* (Where can you find a list of Super Bowl Results starting with game number one), to arcane (What rural Nebraska publisher has the ISBN prefix of 0-9719030), to downright entertaining (the answer to December 20th's question led to an article diagnosing Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore as suffering from, respectively, comorbid cognitive impairment, chronic dysthymia, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder).

Regardless of the nature of the questions, database trivia allows for "teachable moments" to occur across the state of Nebraska. Answering correctly requires identifying which database you used and explaining your search strategy, which is a perfect opportunity both to exercise your own skills, as well as to see alternate methods of arriving at the same answer. Features of databases are sometimes barrier to access-if the searcher doesn't know how to use the features, the database will not cough up the desired info-and Database Trivia allows us all to put ourselves, and the resources available to us, through their paces. I have found that the more familiar I become with each database, the more efficiently and quickly I am able to locate the information I need.

Database Trivia has become a fondly anticipated part of my Fridays. It's a dark Friday when I am too busy to pay attention to Database Trivia when it hits my inbox. Luckily, if I should happen to miss my weekly fix, past questions and answers are archived at </netserv/trivia.html>.

*No offense intended to sports enthusiasts!

Susan Franklin
RVLS Administrative Assistant and UM-MLIS student

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On January 15, 2003, the Electric Library database, available at no cost to Nebraska public and academic libraries through the Nebraska Library Commission, was replaced by the new, bigchalk eLibrary database. The bigchalk eLibrary database boasts many new features not previously available through Electric Library, including the addition of thousands of streaming audio and video files and the introduction of a Local Configuration system.

The audio/video clips in bigchalk eLibrary come from over 15 different sources, and include everything from music excerpts to accompany The Hutchinson Dictionary of Music, to historical video clips from the CBS Evening News, to an animated demonstration of artery constriction from the A.D.A.M Animation Library. To fully access the audio/video clips available through bigchalk eLibrary, computers will need the Windows Media Player, Quicktime, and Macromedia Flash plugins.

Libraries can turn access to audio/video content on or off using the bigchalk Local Configuration system. The bigchalk Local Configuration system allows individual institutions to customize certain features and functionality of the bigchalk eLibrary service to meet local needs. Examples of local customization options include the ability to:

The Local Configuration system is available at <>. When you go to this URL you will be prompted to login using your unique Local Configuration username and password. This is NOT the same username and password you use to access the bigchalk eLibrary database. To request your Local Configuration username and password, contact bigchalk Customer Service at 800-247-7198 or e-mail <>. Public and academic libraries can also request this information from the Nebraska Library Commission Network Services Department by calling 800-307-2665 or 402-471-2045 or e-mailing Network Services.

For your convenience, here are some bigchalk eLibrary URLs you may want to keep handy:
  1. Direct URL to login to the eLibrary database: <>
  2. Educator and Administrator Support Page: <> (information about Bookcarts and the Local Configuration system, including links to Quick Start Guides)
  3. Local Configuration system login page: <> (local configuration username and password required)
  4. Local usage statistics for eLibrary: <> (includes local usage statistics for Electric Library prior to the January 15, 2003 cut-off date)
If you have any questions about the new bigchalk eLibrary please don't hesitate to contact technical support directly at <> or toll free at 800-247-7198. Also, don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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On March 12 Wilson released a number of improvements to the WilsonWeb system based on subscriber input. Here are some of the enhancements that were implemented. The latest information about WilsonWeb interface can be found on the HW Wilson web page: <>.

All-Smart Search
The new All-Smart Search will be modified to include, as a final step, only records that contain all the terms you searched for.  When the system was released the final step did an OR search that often resulted in a high number of search results. The All-Smart Search is based on a set of search rules that dictates that the system first looks for the term(s) or phrase as a bound phrase at the Subject level, in the Thesaurus, and in the Title fields, before going on to other parts of the record, including full text. The system will now only return records that contain all of the search terms. When available, a record with your search term as a subject heading always appears at the top of the results. Records with terms found only in the text of the article always follow the subject heading results, and appear farther down in the results set.

Keyword Search
A new Keyword Search was added to the Guided Search Screen. (Please note that the Guided Search Screen is also referred to as the Advanced Search Screen.) A Keyword search will search within the citation fields, including abstracts. It will not search the full text of documents. When multiple terms are entered in one search box a "near" search will be performed. Results will include all of the search terms.

Search Screen Enhancements
A number of Enhancements are planned for the Search Screen. (Please note that the Search Screen is also referred to as the Basic Search Screen.) Users can now search for phrases by enclosing search terms in quotation marks in the Search For box on the Search Screen. The new WilsonWeb automatically performs a phrase search when the All-Smart Search is selected on the Guided Search screen.

Users will also be able to perform Boolean AND, OR, NOT, and IN searches from the Search Screen without using special characters. When the system was released users were required to enclose these operators in brackets. (For example <and>)

Allana Novotny
Internet Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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Around the Nebraska Library Commission Network Services Department, spring is known as database order/renewal season. To date we have received 2003/2004 pricing for the following databases. Pricing for additional databases is pending.

For more information on these offers please see the Database Pricing page located at </netserv/pricing.html> or contact a Network Services staff member at 800-307-2665, 402-471-3849 or e-mail Network Services.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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This spring Network Services is offering several trials for Nebraska libraries.

To find out more about these trials visit our Trial web site at </netserv/trial.html>.

Shannon Behrhorst
Network Services/NEBASE Director
Nebraska Library Commission

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Do you struggle to write articles for your local paper or newsletter to publicize your netLibrary collection? netLibrary provides libraries with a number of tools that can be used to promote new or expanded eBook collections. The netLibrary eBook Tool Kit provides libraries with press release templates and customizable newsletter articles. This Marketing and Public Relations material can be found on netLibrary's eBook Tool Kit site at: <>.

Allana Novotny
Network Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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