March/April  2004  vol.10  no.2 issn 1082-4383  





Highlights in this Issue

OCLC Now Offering Services for Groups

OCLC now offers services that allow consortia to build group online union catalogs and provide resource sharing and reference services under one locally customized interface.

netLibrary Introduces New Interface

netLibrary subscribers, have you tried the new netLibrary interface? The new interface is designed to be more streamlined and to provide better performance.

Web Training Sessions for SIRS and ProQuest Products

Did you know the ProQuest Company offers free web-based training sessions on a number of their products? To participate all you need is a computer with Internet access, a phone, and one hour.

Bowker Introduces Patron Books In Print

On February 17 Bowker released the new, a more streamlined patron-friendly interface. Complimentary access to the new interface is provided along with the regular statewide subscription to Books In Print paid for by The Nebraska Library Commission.

Database Renewal Season is Here!

If your library subscribes to databases through the Nebraska Library Commission's discount purchasing program, it's time to start thinking about renewing!

OCLC CatExpress Offer for New Subscribers: 13 Months for the Price of 12

NEBASE is again offering a free trial month of the OCLC CatExpress service to new subscribers. CatExpress provides web-based copy cataloging to small libraries at a low, flat-fee subscription price.


Table of Contents


  NebraskAccess: New Home to the Statewide Databases
  OCLC Now Offering Services for Groups
  2004 National Diversity Conference to Focus on Library Users, Staffing, Collections
  Technical Services Round Table Spring Meeting
  Serials Solutions Enhances Services
  netLibrary Introduces New Interface
  NEBASE Workshops
  Database Roadshow Schedule for 2004
  Web Training Sessions for SIRS and ProQuest Products

Bowker Introduces Patron Books In Print

  Database Renewal Season is Here!
  Database Pricing for 2004/2005 Subscription Term
  Spring 2004 Database Trials Underway
  Stay in the Know with ProQuest Newsletters, Content Updates and Product Bulletins via E-mail
  ProQuest Spring Trials
  Updates to Oxford University Press Resources
  WebSearch University Conference Discount
  Reporting Mistakes in LC Catalog Records
  Planning in Advance: A 13-digit ISBN
  OCLC NEWS     
  OCLC Product Of The Month: ILL Fee Management:
Save Time And Money With ILL IFM
  2003 OCLC Environmental Scan - Take A Look At OCLC's Latest Report
  Report from OCLC Members Council February Meeting
  OCLC QuestionPoint Demo In Hastings
  New Capabilities Available In FirstSearch (ILL) Staff View
  FAQ For ILL Integration Into FirstSearch
  OCLC-Sharing-L: NEW OCLC Resource Sharing Listserv
  OCLC CatExpress Offer for New Subscribers: 13 Months for the Price of 12
  Connexion Client 1.10 Coming in March/April
  Connexion Client Macro Lessons Now Available
  Additional IP Address Added For OCLC Connexion Browser TCP/IP Export
  OCLC Connexion Browser February 2004 Installation
  Using OCLC Connexion Browser: An OCLC Tutorial
  DDC 21 Contest Results Are In!
  Manage Your Library's Digital Collection with CONTENTtdm
Replacing Floppies with Flash: Using Portable Flash Drives in the Library
  OCLC Ends Netscape 6.x Support February 22

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On January 31, 2004 the Nebraska Library Commission unveiled NebraskAccess, the new home to the statewide databases. The new web site provides a few new features for users. Nebraska citizens now have the ability to logon to all but one of the statewide databases from an Internet connection using their Nebraska Driver's License or State Identification number. The new NebraskAccess site also features slideshow tutorials for database searchers and a Librarian's Toolbox full of material and information just for library staff.

Though the NebraskAccess site is new, many libraries will find there is no need to make any changes to the way they currently provide access to the statewide databases. Smaller libraries that don't have web sites from which they can link to the statewide databases may find that NebraskAccess helps their patrons better understand what resources are available. The site also provides a way for those Nebraskans who are not served by a library to gain access to the databases paid for the Nebraska Library Commission and the State of Nebraska.

If you currently provide direct links to the databases from your library web site, you will have no problem continuing to connect to the databases in the same manner. All of the URLs used to connect to the databases and all of the passwords previously issued to libraries continue to work as they did before. We also encourage you to continue to provide the passwords to your patrons for remote access if you are not using an authentication system already. Even though citizens can now connect to some of the databases using a Driver's License or State ID number, this new authentication method should not be viewed as a replacement for local authentication methods such as IP recognition, proxy servers, or username/password distribution. Also remember the bigchalk eLibrary database is not accessible through the Driver's License login since it is only licensed for public and academic libraries.

If your library has its own web site and wants to provide direct links to the databases or a link to the NebraskAccess site you can find instructions in the Librarian's Toolbox or you can go to: </nebraskaccess/toolbox/addlinks.html>.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the new NebraskAccess site from the Nebraska Library Commission, please let us hear from you. E-mail us .

Shannon Behrhorst
NEBASE/Network Services Director
Nebraska Library Commission


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OCLC now offers services that allow consortia to build group online union catalogs and provide resource sharing and reference services under one locally customized interface.

OCLC group catalogs are based on library holdings set in WorldCat. OCLC creates a catalog from WorldCat holdings contributed by group members so that library users can find what they need close to home. If users are unable to find what they need in their local area, they can expand their search to a larger region within the group, or to the entire WorldCat database for what they need.

"Creating a group catalog is like creating your own slice of WorldCat-a subset of the world's most comprehensive database of bibliographic information," said Frank Hermes, Vice President, OCLC Cooperative Discovery Services. "Libraries can leverage the investment they have already made in cataloging with WorldCat. And basing a group catalog on WorldCat affords scalability, allowing the catalog to be searched for items held within the group-or held anywhere in the world."

Gathering holdings information within a group helps facilitate item discovery and resource sharing through OCLC services that many libraries in the group are currently using. Libraries that do not use WorldCat for cataloging can batchload records into the database to make their holdings information available for a group catalog. And libraries can customize and brand their group catalog-for example, they can add logos for both the group and for a library within the group.

The Military Education and Research Library Network (MERLN) was the first to implement the OCLC group catalog model. The MERLN group catalog provides access to over 1.5 million items in the collections of 13 MERLN libraries through a single database for easy identification of the materials group members need from any of the participating MERLN libraries.

The MERLN group catalog provides easy access to the holdings of a variety of military libraries, based nationally and internationally, on a variety of military topics.

A group catalog for Missouri libraries became available in December 2003. It is an extension of Missouri's "Show-Me The World" project, a virtual library program that uses WorldCat to connect users with information in the state's libraries-and beyond.

"Missouri libraries have a long history of cooperation and a commitment to equal access to information across the state," said Sara Parker, Missouri State Librarian. "The Missouri group catalog will help us to build on the progress we have already made."

Libraries participating in OCLC group services do not have to invest in new hardware, software or staff training because the services are hosted by OCLC, and staff members in participating libraries are already quite familiar with OCLC services. Ms. Parker said the ease of adoption and use of OCLC group services will inspire Missouri libraries to be even more innovative.

"My hope is libraries which might have been reluctant to try new service approaches will be persuaded this is a new tool to better meet the needs of their users," said Ms. Parker.

This month, library users in Florida will be able to search the collections of all public, community college and state university libraries through the Florida group catalog, a new addition to the Florida Electronic Library.

Florida libraries have been contributing holdings to WorldCat for 30 years, so the creation of a Florida union catalog was the next logical step in making the most of their work-and their investment.

More group catalogs are being created and will be available in the coming months.

For more information on services for groups, visit


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SOLINET, HBCU Library Alliance, and ASERL Are Co-Hosts

The fourth National Diversity in Libraries Conference will be May 4 and 5, at the Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center in Midtown Atlanta. The Conference is co-hosted by the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL), the Southeastern Library Network (SOLINET), and the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Library Alliance.

The 2004 National Diversity in Libraries Conference continues a tradition initiated in 1998 by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL); this is the first time it will take place in the Southeast. As in previous years, the 2004 meeting will bring together hundreds of library leaders from across the country to explore methods for increasing diversity within library staffs and collections, as well as discussing ways to improve service to diverse users.

New to the 2004 Conference is the active participation of the HBCU Library Alliance, founded in 2002 to help strengthen the unique role of these libraries in the education of minority students and in preserving African-American history.

Also new for the 2004 Conference: Programs focusing on public libraries and smaller academic libraries. Presentations and speakers are currently being sought.

For more information please visit the web site at: <>.


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The Technical Services Round Table spring meeting will be held Monday, April 26, from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, at the Nebraska Library Commission, Crane Room, lower level, 1200 N Street, Lincoln, Nebraska.

The meeting, a Serial Holdings Workshop, is being cosponsored by NASIG (North American Serials Interest Group) and is one of the SCCTP (Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program) courses. Mike Wright from the University of Iowa will be the instructor.

The workshop is limited to 20 participants and will also be offered to states surrounding Nebraska. Registrations received by March 12 from Nebraska participants will be given priority.

A registration fee of $50 will be charged to Nebraska Library Association members and $60 to non-members. TSRT will hold its spring business meeting during lunch. Those wishing to attend the lunch/business meeting will be charged an additional $8. The registration form is available on TSRT's website at <>

Please contact Corinne Jacox 402-280-2283, e-mail: <> with any questions.

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Several NEBASE member libraries already take advantage of the tools and services offered by Serials Solutions to help them get the most out of their electronic journal subscriptions. Now Serials Solutions has enhanced the design of its services to help ensure that your valuable electronic resources are not under-used because it is too time-consuming for your staff and too difficult for your patrons to search for a specific full-text journal.

Serials Solutions has renamed its A-to-Z Title List and Journal Linker services. They are now known as E-Journal Access & Management Suite, or E-Journal A.M.S. With the E- Journal A.M.S. service, you can choose from the following options:

  • E-Journal Portal: provides a single, customized library-branded interface that includes the same accurate data found in a standard HTML report format.
  • A-to-Z Lists: a comprehensive, searchable list of your library's full-text, electronic format journals in HTML and/or print format.
  • Journal Linker: enables users to link from an abstract or index to the full-text journal, anywhere in a collection.
  • Subject Browsing and Title Searching: enables patrons to quickly find and access your library's e-journals by subject, title or ISSN.
  • linking: offers bi-directional linking between Serials Solutions' HTML report and <>.
  • Data files: can be delivered in a wide variety of formats to suit your needs. The most common requested is Microsoft Excel, but other options include CSV, XML and pipe-delimited formats.
Serials Solutions also offers full MARC Records for electronic journals, which allow libraries to include e-journals in their OPAC. Serials Solutions is able to customize the records to meet each institution's individual needs and work with almost any integrated library system. With full MARC records, patrons use the OPAC to find the library's entire print and electronic journal holdings. The full Marc Record service includes a subscription to E-Journal A.M.S. The Serials Solutions' full Marc Records service uses the CONSER MARC serials records. The records are then supplemented with non-CONSER records, such as those from Gale and Ulrich's. Serials Solutions' staff will also create brief records when no bibliographic records are available for a particular electronic journal.

Serials Solutions' Article Linker is an OpenURL link resolver. As such, it connects all of a library's resources into one easy-to-access collection. An easy-to-use interface ensures that patrons and librarians can take full advantage of OpenURL technology to access full- text or links to extended resources. For librarians, implementation is made easy and can be performed in under a day - all of the data and software for Article Linker is housed on Serials Solutions' servers. This service also includes a subscription to E-Journal A.M.S.

NEBASE member libraries receive a 15 percent discount when they subscribe to Serials Solutions' services. Additional discounts are available for multi-year subscriptions and multi-product discounts are also available.

To find out more about the Serials Solutions' services, view sample reports or take a look at how other libraries have implemented this service, visit the Serials Solutions' Web site: <>. A list of the databases tracked by Serials Solutions also can be found on the Web site. Interested librarians can request a no-obligation quote by filling out the quote form available at <>. By filling out the quote form you can receive a free trial of Serials Solutions' services. For further information please visit: </netserv/pricing/SerialsSolutions.html>.

[BCR edited]

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netLibrary subscribers, have you tried the new netLibrary interface? The new interface is designed to be more streamlined and to provide better performance. Other changes include:

  • Selecting the language of the interface. In the Edit My Account area, you can choose from five different languages including Spanish. Currently there are over 40 Spanish titles in the 2003 collection.
  • The Bookmarks, Notes and My Favorites areas have been combined into one new area called My List and Notes. You are allowed one note per page of a book. If you try to add a second note your first note will be erased.
  • Change the size of the Tool Palette by clicking and dragging the line that separates the tool palette and contents. The line is highlighted with small red arrows on either side.
Along with the improvements come browser requirements changes. After April 2, you will no longer be able to access netLibrary without using one of these browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above, Netscape Navigator 6.2 and above, Mozilla 1.1, Firebird .06 and above, Opera 7.x, or Camino 0.7 and above. netLibrary requires that cookies are enabled.

If you haven't taken the time to explore the new interface, netLibrary has provided a demo that walks you through creating an account to checking out a book. The demo is located at: <> or you can find a link to it in the Help area of netLibrary.

Allana Novotny
Network Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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NEBASE workshops have been scheduled for Lincoln, Omaha, and Hastings.

For a quick glance at what workshops are scheduled and where, see the NEBASE Training Calendar at </netserv/TrainingCal.html>.

The location and date, as well as a description of each of the workshops below, can be found at </netserv/nebase/oclcworkshopsdesc.html>. To register for any of the workshops, please complete the online registration form at </netserv/nebase/oclcworkshops.html#reg>. The workshop fee for NEBASE libraries is $10. If you are not a NEBASE library*, please check the registration form for your workshop fee. If you have any questions, please contact Jeannette Powell at 402-471-7740 or 800-307-2665 or e-mail Jeannette Powell for registration fee.

*NEBASE libraries are Nebraska libraries who use OCLC cataloging or interlibrary loan services or who subscribe to FirstSearch. Although libraries who subscribe only to FirstSearch are eligible to pay the $10 workshop fee, they must pay by check.

  • OCLC Connexion: Browser Interface for Cataloging
  • OCLC Connexion: Client Interface for Cataloging
  • OCLC ILL Web Interface Basics

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If you'd like to learn more about the state-funded databases available through NebraskAccess, take note! Database Roadshows have been scheduled for the following dates and locations.

June 3 - Wayne, Northeast Library System Institute

July 15 - Seward, Seward Memorial Library

July 22 - West Point, John H. Stahl Memorial Library

August 3 - North Platte, Mid-Plains Community College

August 5 - Omaha, University of Nebraska at Omaha

August 11 - Ord, Ord Township Library

August 19 - Nebraska City, Morton-James Public Library

September 23 - Kearney, Meridian Library System Office

Chadron - TBA

Classes will run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with an hour break for lunch on your own. There is no cost to attend, but registration is required. We will begin taking registrations in the near future. Watch the TRIAL mailing list for an announcement.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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Did you know the ProQuest Company offers free web-based training sessions on a number of their products? To participate all you need is a computer with Internet access, a phone, and one hour. The following classes/topics may be of particular interest to Nebraska libraries, but sessions on additional products are also available.

  • eLibrary Bookcarts
  • eLibrary for Public and Academic Libraries
  • eLibrary for Schools
  • HeritageQuest Online
  • Literature Online
  • SIRS Discoverer and Discoverer WebFind
  • SIRS Government Reporter, Renaissance, and Web Select
  • SIRS Interactive Citizenship
  • SIRS Researcher
For a complete listing, including dates, and to register, go to:

Teachers, as well as librarians, may sign up for these training sessions.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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On February 17 Bowker released the new Patron Books In Print interface. This new interface is designed specifically for patrons and provides access to the same information as the Books In Print (BIP) database, but with a more streamlined patron-friendly view. Complimentary access to the new interface is provided along with the regular statewide subscription to Books In Print paid for by The Nebraska Library Commission.

What will happen with BIP now?

  • On March 8 links to the new Patron View of Books In Print will be added to the NebraskAccess web site - </nebraskaccess>.
  • Patron Books In Print will now be available remotely via the Home/Work Login of NebraskAccess.
  • The original Books In Print, now called Books in Print Professional, will be available through the "Librarian's Toolbox" in NebraskAccess.
Libraries already registered to access BIP should be able to access using IP recognition or their current BIP usernames and passwords. Libraries that are not registered for BIP may do so by completing the NebraskAccess Registration form located at: </nebraskaccess/nareg.asp>.

Libraries have a number of choices on how they access On Monday, March 8 links to the new will be added to the NebraskAccess website: </nebraskaccess>. In addition to providing access to patrons in the library and at school, access will also be provided to patrons logging on from Home/Work. This means users will now be able to logon to the new using their Driver's License number. Libraries already providing their own method of remote patron authentication for their patrons can add the to their lists of available databases.

You can also access the new interface from the original BIP URL.  If you log on to the original BIP interface you will see a link below the Quick Search box that will take you to the new Patron interface. When you are in the current interface you will also notice that Bowker has started referring to this interface as Books In Print Professional.

If you have any questions about the new interface please contact a member of Network Services at 402-471-2045. 800-307-2665 or e-mail: Nebraskaccess .

Allana Novotny
Network Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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If your library subscribes to databases through the Nebraska Library Commission's discount purchasing program, it's time to start thinking about renewing! While there are exceptions, most databases available through this program are on July 1 through June 30 subscription terms. This means we will be receiving renewal pricing and announcing renewal procedures for these databases throughout the spring.

To stay informed about renewal pricing and procedures for your subscriptions, we encourage you to closely monitor the TRIAL mailing list during the coming months. The TRIAL mailing list is our primary means of distributing database subscription and renewal information to libraries. If you are not currently a member of the TRIAL mailing list you may sign up at </lists>, click on the "Subscribe or unsubscribe" link, and follow the on-screen instructions. Pricing and renewal information will also be posted to the Network Services database pricing pages, which are indexed at </netserv/pricing/>   Inquiries can also be directed to any member of the Network Services department by calling 402-471-2045, 800-307-2665, or e-mailing Network Services.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission


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To date the Nebraska Library Commission has received 2004/2005 pricing for the following databases. Pricing for additional databases is pending.

  • AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive - January 1, 2004 through December 30, 2004 subscription term. Mid-term subscriptions are available.
  • Britannica Online (Britannica Online, Britannica Online School Edition, Webster's Third New International Dictionary Unabridged Online, Annals of American History Online, Enciclopedia Universal en Español, World Data Analyst) - June 1, 2004 through May 31, 2005 subscription term; order/renew by April 30, 2004.
  • CQ Press (CQ Researcher, CQ Weekly, CQ Encyclopedia of American Government, Public Affairs Collection, CQ Insider, CQ Supreme Court Collection, CQ Congress Collection, CQ Voting and Elections Collection) - July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005 subscription term; order/renew by June 15, 2004.
  • EDRS E*Subscribe July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005 subscription term; order/renew by June 15, 2004.
  • Facts on File News Services (The World News Digest, Issues & Controversies on File, Today's Science on File, The World Almanac Reference Database, The Reference Suite @, and Facts For Learning) - July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005 subscription term; order/renew by June 15, 2004.
  • Grolier Online - (Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, New Book of Knowledge, America the Beautiful, Cumbre en Linea, Lands and Peoples Online, Popular Science Online, Encyclopedia of American Studies, Columbia American History Online) -- May 1, 2004 through April 30, 2005 subscription term; order/renew by April 15, 2004.
  • Project Muse - January 1, 2004 through December 30, 2004 subscription term. Mid-term subscriptions are available.
  • SIRS (Researcher, Discoverer, Government Reporter, Renaissance, WebSelect, WebFind, Interactive Citizenship) - July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2005 subscription term; order/renew by June 15, 2004
For more information on these offers please see the Database Pricing pages indexed at </netserv/pricing/> or contact a Network Services staff member at 402-471-2045, 800-307-2665 or e-mail Network Services.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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The Nebraska Library Commission is currently sponsoring trials of the following databases and online services.

  • Business Writing Help Center / Job & Career Help Center - LearningExpress, the company behind LearnATest, is offering Nebraska libraries free trial access to the online courses available through their Business Writing Help Center and their Job & Career Help Center. Trial access is scheduled to run through March 31, 2004.

  • ProQuest - From March 1, 2004 through April 30, 2004 Nebraska libraries will have free trial access to the following ProQuest databases:
    • HeritageQuest
    • ProQuest Nursing Journals
    • eLibrary Curriculum Edition
The best way to stay informed about current trials is to monitor the TRIAL mailing list. Database trials are posted to the TRIAL mailing list as soon as they become available. Trial announcements typically include database descriptions, trial URLs, trial usernames and passwords, and trial dates. To subscribe to the TRIAL mailing list go to </lists>, click on the "Subscribe or unsubscribe" link, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Current trials are also listed on the Database Trial Fact Sheet available at </netserv/trial.html>. The Trial Fact Sheet is a good place to get an overview of all the trials that are going on at a particular time. The Trial Fact Sheet includes database descriptions, trial URLs, and trial dates. At the vendors' request trial usernames and passwords are not posted to this web page.

A final reminder: if you try out one of the trial databases and think you might be interested in purchasing it, please let us know as soon as possible. Knowing in advance how many libraries are interested in a product gives us leverage to negotiate discounted pricing. If there is little or no interest in a product, we typically don't request pricing from the vendor. To offer feedback or express interest in a trial database you can phone or e-mail any member of the Network Services staff directly, or you can send an e-mail to Network Services.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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Would you like to receive ProQuest user tips, and advance news of feature or content upgrades? Are you interested in innovative suggestions on how to integrate ProQuest K-12 products, including eLibrary and SIRS databases, into daily classroom activities? If so go to <> and sign up today! There are numerous lists to choose from, including:

  • eLibrary Product Bulletin
  • HeritageQuest Online Product Bulletin
  • SIRS Spotlights
  • SIRS ChallengeQuests
  • SIRS Knowledge Source (SKS) Product News Bulletin
  • SIRS Discoverer + WebFind Product News Bulletin
  • SIRS Interactive Citizenship Product News Bulletin
Once you have signed up for a list, you will automatically receive relevant information when it becomes available. Personal information collected during the sign-up process is used for the sole purpose of providing communications and will not be sold or supplied to third parties.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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The ProQuest Company is offering Nebraska libraries 60-day free trials of the following databases:

  • ProQuest Nursing Journals - Offering complete information from leading nursing and related publications, this database is designed to meet the needs of researchers at health-care facilities as well as students enrolled in nursing programs at academic institutions. All the source publications are available in the ASCII full-text format. Nearly all of them also offer articles in the full-image and Text+Graphics formats.
  • HeritageQuest - HeritageQuest provides libraries a unique, growing collection of research materials for tracing family history and American culture. Beginning or professional genealogists can now use this powerful online library, with original page images for all documents, at their convenience, from home or at the library, 24x7.
  • eLibrary Curriculum Edition - eLibrary Curriculum Edition delivers one of the largest collections of periodical and digital media content designed specifically to support the needs of secondary and higher education student coursework and research. Students find the answers they need from more than 2,000 full-text periodicals and multimedia sources. Additional new content offers powerful curriculum support for English Language Arts, Social Studies, and more. ProQuest Learning: Literature delivers original full-text works, author biographies, contemporary criticism, and more covering 600 years of literature. History Study Center provides thousands of historical primary and secondary sources covering ancient to modern U.S. and world history. Each resource can be searched together with eLibrary general reference content, or searched individually.
Trial access began on March 1, 2004 and will continue through April 29, 2004. Trial access instructions were originally distributed via a March 1, 2004 message to the Trial mailing list. If you did not receive this information or would like to have it sent to you again, please call the Nebraska Library Commission at 402-471-2045 or 800-307-2665 and ask to speak to a Network Services staff member or e-mail Network Services. Trial access is limited to Nebraska libraries.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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Oxford Reference Online continues to provide libraries, students, and scholars access to the most reliable reference resources available from OUP. Subscribers to The Core Collection and the new Premium Collection will benefit from these new enhancements to the site. Full details of this update are available at <>.

Improved search functionality
A Widen Search option on the search results page means users can broaden a search to the next search level with one click of a button.
The four levels of search are:

  1. Level 1: Standard search. Looks for the search terms in entry headings
  2. Level 2: Standard search. Looks for the search terms in full text
  3. Level 3: Standard search. Looks for one or more of the search terms in full text
  4. Level 4: Pattern search. Looks for words spelled like your search term.
    Quick Search will automatically default to the next level of search whenever no results are found. So, for example, a search for 'Milenium' will default to a 'pattern search' and find results for 'Millennium'.
February 2004 Content Update
This update includes three new titles and two new editions:

New Titles:
  • A Dictionary of British Place-Names by A. D. Mills
  • An A-Z of Food and Drink by John Ayto
  • A Dictionary of Weights, Measures and Units by Donald Fenna
New Editions:
  • The Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature by Margaret Drabble and Jenny Stringer
  • The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs by Jennifer Speake
In April, five new titles will be added to the Oxford Reference Online: Premium Collection:
  • The Oxford Companion to Archaeology
  • The Oxford Companion to Food
  • The Oxford Companion to Wine
  • The Oxford Companion to Military History
  • Nature's Building Blocks
If you have not already added The Premium Collection to your subscription, register now for a trial at <> or contact us at <>.

For information about all of the Oxford Online Products, visit <>. Nebraska libraries can order Oxford Online Products through the Nebraska Library Commission. To view pricing for Oxford resources visit: </netserv/pricing/Oxford.html>.

[Oxford University Press, edited]

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Information Today, Inc. has authorized the Nebraska Library Commission/NEBASE to offer a special team/group rate to all Nebraska librarians who attend the WebSearch University conference scheduled to be held on May 11-12, 2004, at the Hilton New York. Detailed information about the WebSearch University conference can be found at <>.

The special team/group rate for this conference is $395 for the two-day event (May 11-12, 2004). This is $200 off the regular price and a $100 discount off the early-bird registration price. No discount rates are available for the pre-conference seminars.

To register for the conference, print off the registration form located at <> Mail the completed form to Jodene Glaesemann at the address below.

Jodene Glaesemann
Nebraska Library Commission
The Atrium
1200 N St., Suite 120
Lincoln, NE 68508-2023
Phone: 402-471-4009 or 800-307-2665

Payment must accompany your registration form. Please make check or credit card payable to Information Today, Inc. To receive the discount your registration MUST be sent to the Nebraska Library Commission. Completed registration forms must be received by April 2, 2004.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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Catalog This!  


No cataloger is 100% perfect-mistakes happen. How many have you caught when using catalog records from shared databases? If you are an OCLC cataloging member, you can report errors to OCLC's Quality Control. However, Quality Control does receive many correction requests and can get behind at times; also, OCLC does not have a copy of every item, which sometimes necessitates the sending of proof of the needed changes. So, if the record was originally created by the Library of Congress (LC), consider another option.

Whether you get your MARC records (bibliographic or authority) through OCLC's WorldCat or directly through the LC catalog, you may report errors using LC's online error report form at Since they usually have ready access to the item, changes can be made fairly quickly. In a few cases, I have received a response from them on the following business day. Any corrections that are made in LC's catalog are passed along to OCLC's WorldCat.

So the next time you find a mistake in a Library of Congress record, send LC an error report. Save other catalogers the need to make the same correction.

Devra Dragos
Cataloging Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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To accommodate a future need for more ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers), ISBN International has sent a request to the International Standards Organization to revise the standard to require 13-digits instead of 10. The plan calls for complete implementation by January 2007.

This will affect not only new ISBNs but existing ones, too. An existing ISBN will have 978 added to the beginning and the last digit of the old 10-digit number, the check digit, will be recalculated. Once publishers have run out of their currently allotted ISBNs (with the addition of 978), newly allotted numbers will begin with 979. You may have noticed many new books already incorporate these recalculated ISBNs as barcodes on their jackets.

So how does this affect libraries? Librarians will need to check any software they use for acquisitions, cataloging, and automation for restrictions on entering more than a 10-digit number for an ISBN. Vendors are aware of the coming changes and have a few years to prepare, but librarians should be proactive in making sure software updates are available and loaded in time to handle these changes.

For more information regarding this revision, see "Frequently Asked Questions about changes to the ISBN" at Check out for more general information about ISBNs.

Devra Dragos
Cataloging Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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