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NEBASE Annual Meeting - West 2005
On October 13 forty-four western Nebraska librarians gathered for the NEBASE Annual Meeting - West.

Does Your Library Need NebraskAccess Brochures?
Network Services is now able to accommodate large quantity orders for the NebraskAccess tri-fold brochures.

Fall Database Trials
Network Services would like to hear from libraries interested in any of the products we have featured on trial this fall.

Get Search Results Sent to Your Email Automatically
H. W. Wilson's recently released new service allows users to have the system automatically rerun their search at set intervals and have the results emailed to them.

You Want to do What?!?
A new monthly column that will feature tips and hints for using OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing and OCLC Connexion.


Table of Contents


  NEBASE Annual Meeting - West 2005
  OCLC Researchers on Google's Digitization Program
  NebraskAccess Exhibit in Kearney
  Some Simple Facts About CONTENTdm
  NEBASE Workshops
  Fall Database Trials
  Does Your Library Need NebraskAccess Brochures?
  NetLibrary eAudiobook Discount Opportunity
  H.W. Wilson Fall Database Trials
  Get Search Results Sent to Your Email Automatically
  HeritageQuest Online PowerPoint Available to Use, Customize
  Authority Options
  OCLC NEWS     
  OCLC Product of the Month: OCLC ILL Policies Directory
  WebJunction Update - Rural Libraries, Grants, Scholarships and More….
  You Want to do What?!?
  New OCLC Pilot Enables User Contributions to WorldCat Database
  9 New Tips on FirstSearch Tips page on OCLC Web Site
  New OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing Documentation Available
  Connexion Client 1.30 End of Life Extended to January 1, 2006
  Connexion Client 1.50 Coming in November
  Connexion Client Label Patch
  Connexion Client Tip: Using the Macro Recorder
  Connexion Host Changes Installed
  OCLC Union List Migration to Connexion

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On October 13 forty-four western Nebraska librarians gathered for the NEBASE Annual Meeting - West. This is the first year the western meeting has been held in the fall and the turnout of area librarians seems to show the change in date was a positive improvement to the schedule. Not only did the meeting generate one of the largest turnouts ever for a NEBASE - West meeting, but it was also held in the newly opened Harms Technology Center across the street from Western Nebraska Community College. The new center provided all the latest technology for the meeting attendees and presenters, including a 62 station computer lab.

The morning keynote speaker was Floyd Smith III, Executive Director of the West Nebraska Family Research & History Center. Floyd spoke of the founding of the Center and also provided tips for attendees on assisting their own patrons and community in genealogy research. Afterwards everyone participated in a hands-on training session for HeritageQuest Online database.

The afternoon sessions provided information on NetLibrary eAudioBooks, OCLC Usage Statistics, the NebraskAccess Toolbox and Nebraska Memories.

The Network Services staff is looking forward to next year's trip out west and we hope to see everyone there again.

Shannon W. Behrhorst
Network Services Director
Nebraska Library Commission


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In the September issue of D-Lib Magazine, OCLC Vice-President, Research and Chief Strategist, Lorcan Dempsey, along with OCLC researchers Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Brian Lavoie, provide a preliminary analysis of the Google Print Library Project (GPLP), Google's effort to digitize the collections of several major libraries. The article takes the collections of the "Google 5"-the libraries partnering with Google in the digitization of their collections - and looks at characteristics of their collections when treated as a single unit. The analysis takes place within the context of WorldCat, the largest "system-wide" collection of books available with 32 million records.

Among the results:

The proportion of the system-wide collection covered by GPLP, once duplicate holdings across the five institutions are removed, is about 33 percent, or 10.5 million unique books out of the 32 million in the system-wide collection.

The pattern of cross-collection overlap implies that if each collection were fully digitized, about four out of every ten books would be redigitized at least once, or in other words, the GPLP project reflects a minimum redundancy rate of about 40 percent.

Only 3 percent of the books in the 10.5 million GPLP collection are held by all five libraries.

More than 80 percent of the materials in the Google 5 collections are still in copyright.

The resource created by the GPLP may be far more culturally diverse than originally anticipated, given the fact that more than 430 languages were identified and that English language materials are slightly less than half of the books in the Google 5 combined collection.

View the entire article at

[OCLC, edited]

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Tuesday, November 1 Network Services staff will be exhibiting at the 2020 Vision and Technology Leadership Forum at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The conference is presented by ESU 10 and ESU 11 and provides an opportunity for educators and students to learn 21st century teaching skills and applications. For more information on the conference visit

Shannon W. Behrhorst
Network Services Director
Nebraska Library Commission

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More than 250 libraries and consortia are using CONTENTdm to store, manage, and deliver digital collections on the Web. Some 4 million objects from 2,000 collections have been digitized using this flexible and powerful software suite.

Why are libraries choosing CONTENTdm?

  • CONTENTdm can manage all formats - maps, paintings, audio, video, handwritten manuscripts, foreign language materials, three-dimensional artifacts, photographs, books.

  • CONTENTdm is simple to use. Says Karen Perone, Rodman Public Library, "The software is so easy to use. It allowed us to concentrate on the content of our project instead of the technology."

  • CONTENTdm is for all sizes of organizations. Libraries as small as the Rodman Public Library and as large as the University of Utah are users. Smaller organizations can share the software through regional or state collaborative use agreements. One example of this is the Long Island Library Resources Council, which uses CONTENTdm and makes it available to its members.

  • CONTENTdm is adaptable. Open architecture and standards include, but are not limited to, a well-defined API that allows for custom client development; record harvest via OAI-PMH; import and export with XML, and more.

  • CONTENTdm can expand access to digitized collections through WorldCat. Metadata for each object can be automatically harvested into WorldCat, providing more access points for users through Web search engines via the Open WorldCat program or through the OCLC FirstSearch service.
Learn more about CONTENTdm at:  To see examples of CONTENTdm collections, please go to:

[OCLC, edited]

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For a quick glance at what workshops are scheduled and where, see the NEBASE Training Calendar at /netserv/TrainingCal.html.

The location and date, as well as a description of each of the workshops can be found at /netserv/nebase/oclcworkshopsdesc.html. To register for any of the workshops, please complete the online registration form at /netserv/nebase/oclcworkshopform.asp. The workshop fee for NEBASE libraries is $10. If you are not a NEBASE library*, please check the registration form for your workshop fee. If you have any questions, please contact Jeannette Powell at 402-471-7740 or 800-307-2665 or email Jeannette Powell for registration fee.

*NEBASE libraries are Nebraska libraries who use OCLC cataloging or interlibrary loan services or who subscribe to FirstSearch. Although libraries who subscribe only to FirstSearch are eligible to pay the $10 workshop fee, they must pay by check.

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This fall the Network Services Department sponsored a number of trials for various electronic resources. If you would like to provide any feedback on the trials from these past few months, please feel free to contact a member of the Network Services staff with your comments or questions. We would like to hear from libraries interested in any of the products we have featured on trial this fall.

Listed below are the products that have been on trial or are still available for trial through the Nebraska Library Commission. If you need access information for ongoing trials, call us at 402-471-2045 or 800-307-2665 or email Network Services.

Database Status Begin End
Daily Life Online Suite Completed 9/15/2005 10/31/2005
FAITS (Faulkner Advisory for IT Studies) Completed 9/14/2005 10/15/2005
Greenwood Digital Collection Completed 9/15/2005 10/31/2005
H.W. Wilson On trial 10/11/2005 11/15/2005 Completed 9/7/2005 10/7/2005
PsycBOOKS, PsycEXTRA, & PsycCRITIQUES Completed 9/26/2005 10/26/2005

For current trial news stay tuned to the Trial mailing list /netserv/listservs.html or check out our Database Trials page at /netserv/trial.html. You can also find out what products have been featured as a statewide trial in the past by viewing Trial History at: /netserv/history.html.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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Network Services is now able to accommodate large quantity orders for the NebraskAccess tri-fold brochures. If your library or school needs large quantities of these brochures you may order them using the form located at: /nebraskaccess/toolbox/brochure.html.  The brochures must be ordered in bundles of 100 for $20.50.  

The NebraskAccess brochures can still be downloaded and printed on your own printer as well. Links to color and grayscale .PDF versions can also be found on the above web site.

Please feel free to call 402-471-2045 or 800-307-2665 or email Network Services with any questions concerning the NebraskAccess brochures.

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NEBASE is pleased to announce a special, limited time discount purchase opportunity for NetLibrary's NEW eAudiobooks! This special offer will be available through Friday, December 16.

NetLibrary eAudiobook Description:

  • Developed by OCLC/NetLibrary and Recorded Books.
  • Unlimited access. Unlimited usage to broad collection.
  • Annual subscription based on library size and circulation.
  • Three-week check-out period. Automatic returns. First renewal does not count against check-out allotment.
  • Saves shelf space.
  • Includes complete MARC records.
  • Options for broadband and dial-up users.
  • Easy to use.
  • Integrated into NetLibrary Interface
    • Basic Search
    • Advanced
    • Dedicated Audiobook Center
  • Link from OPAC.
  • Remote access.
  • Download directly to desktops, or transfer to portable devices.
Additional supplements include the Holy Bible, Pimsleur Language Series, or the new Classics collection for academic libraries.

Pricing: For discounted pricing information see /netserv/pricing/netlibraryaudiodiscount.aspx.

Deadline: To include your library in the group quote, please forward the following information to Shannon Behrhorst by Friday, December 16.
  • Library Name
  • Library Type (public/academic/K12)
  • Circulation Figures (public libraries only)
  • FTE (academic and K12 high school libraries only)
Final subscription decisions will be due Friday, December 23. Subscriptions will begin on or before December 31.

For further information or to schedule a demo contact OCLC Library Services Consultants:
  • Doug van der Zee at 866-718-6697 or email
  • Jeff Hastings at 800-413-4557 ext. 8742 or email
Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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The H.W. Wilson Company is offering Nebraska libraries free trial access to the following Wilson databases through November 15:

  • Art Museum Image Gallery
  • Book Review Digest Plus
  • Book Review Digest Retrospective
  • Bibliographic Index
  • Children's Catalog
Detailed database descriptions are available at /netserv/trial.html#hwwilson.

To register for trial access go to Click on the "First Time Users Register" button and fill out the registration form.

On subsequent visits to you can click on the "Already Registered" button and login with your email address.

Questions about the trial databases can be directed to:

Bruce Preslan
Phone: (503) 636-7869
Voice Mail: (800) 367-6770, x2275
Fax: (503) 636-0298

If you would like pricing for any of these databases feel free to contact me at 800-307-2665, 402-471-3849, or email Susan Knisely.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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H. W. Wilson recently released a new service called SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information) Alert. This service allows users to search the OmniFile Full Text Select (Magazines Wilson), have the system automatically rerun their search at set intervals and have the results emailed to them. New search results can be scheduled to be emailed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to the user. At any time, the user can modify the alert settings, delete the alert, or set up a new alert. This service will work with other WilsonWeb databases but is not relevant for some, including Biographies Plus Illustrated, because it's not frequently updated in the same manner as bibliographic databases.

The following directions will walk you through setting up a SDI Alert.

  1. Perform a search in Wilson OmniFile (Magazines Wilson) database.
  2. Click on Search History which is located on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Locate the search that you would like to set up an alert for.
  4. Click on the Alert button associated with the search. It will be on the far right hand side of the screen.
  5. Complete the information in the Set up Your Search Alert window.
  6. Click on Save Alert.
  7. Your information will be redisplayed in the window. You can now close this window.
  8. The system will send a confirmation email.
  9. You will need to confirm your email address in order to active the alert. To do this access your email account and locate the message from Wilson. Follow the link in the email to confirm your address.
  10. The search results will be automatically emailed to you as an html attachment at the designated time.

Allana Novotny
Internet Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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Have you been hesitant to offer HeritageQuest Online training in your community because you're not sure what to say about the database? Do you draw a blank when you try to think of search examples to include in a HeritageQuest Online demonstration? If so, we have something that might help - a PowerPoint presentation, complete with speaker notes, titled Explore Your Roots with HeritageQuest Online and NebraskAccess.

This PowerPoint presentation is available online at /nebraskaccess/toolbox/heritagequestonline.ppt. You can run it directly off the web as a canned demo, or download it and customize it to meet local needs.

If you have questions about using this presentation, please don't hesitate to contact me at 402-471-3849, 800-307-2665, or email Susan Knisely.

Susan Knisely
Online Services Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission

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Catalog This!  

Authority Options

A little over a year ago, this column addressed the benefits of using the Library of Congress authority file. At the NLA/NEMA Conference in September, three librarians addressed other components of authority control in "Approaches to Authority Control for Your Library Catalog" sponsored by Technical Services Round Table.

Mary Marchio, formerly of Omaha Public Library, described the process of using the vendor Marcive to cleanup a catalog of MARC records and provide authority records.  Corinne Jacox, Creighton University Klutznick Law Library, outlined the steps the three Creighton libraries took to initially cleanup their catalog of MARC records and the ongoing service they receive from their vendor LTI.  Deirdre Routt, Omaha Public Library, explained the process OPL uses to manually control the authority of their catalog.

Copies of their presentations/handouts may be found at

Devra Dragos
Cataloging Librarian
Nebraska Library Commission



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