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                May/June 2001  vol.7  no.3 issn 1082-4383



Shannon White has accepted appointment to the Library Commission's Network Services Director position. Shannon is currently Assistant Director, Information Technology Librarian, at the University of West Alabama in Livingston, Alabama.

In her current position, Shannon has experience and responsibility in overall library management, administration of the library's automated system, and coordination of the library's technology functions including training and technical support. Shannon also has responsibility for the selection, acquisition, maintenance of electronic resources, and vendor contacts; and she has responsibility for the design and maintenance of the library's Web site and content.

A starting work date has not yet been worked out with Shannon due to some training commitments that she has coming up.

--Rod Wagner
  Nebraska Library Commission


This spring EBSCO Publishing is offering Nebraska libraries trial access to many of their K-12 products, including: MAS FullTEXT Ultra, Health Source Plus, Newspaper Source, Professional Development Collection, ERIC, Middle Search Plus, Primary Search, and TOPICSearch. These products are components of the three database packages EBSCO is promoting to K-12 libraries this year: Ultra Online Package for High Schools, Middle Online Package for Jr. High and Middle Schools, and Primary Online Package for Elementary Schools. In addition, EBSCO is offering Nebraska libraries a separate trial of NoveList, their online readers' advisory service.

One other product currently on trial through EBSCO is MagillOnLiterature. MagillOnLiterature is the definitive online source for editorially reviewed critical analyses and brief plot summaries of the most studied works in the history of literature. The information in this database equals the complete contents of thirty-one sets of reference books, including nearly twenty Masterplots and Masterplots II titles, the Cyclopedia of World Authors, the Cyclopedia of Literary Characters, as well as ten years of Magill's Literary Annuals and Magill Book Reviews. This database is compiled by Salem Press.

Information on how to participate in these trials was previously posted to the Trial mailing list. If you did not receive this information or would like to have it sent to you again, please contact Susan Knisely at 402-471-3849, 800-307-2665, or e-mail Susan Knisely. These trials are scheduled to run through May 30, 2001.

--Susan Knisely
  Nebraska Library Commission


This spring Nebraska Library Commission Network Services staff members have worked hard to coordinate numerous subscription opportunities on behalf of Nebraska libraries. At the present, discounted pricing on the following products is available through the Library Commission. Additional details about these offers are available at </netserv/pricing.html> or by contacting a Network Services staff member at 402-471-2045, 800-307-2665, or email Network Services. To keep current on pending offers, make sure you are signed up for the Trial mailing list (information on joining is available at </netserv/tlist.html>).

AccessScience - For the second year in a row Nebraska libraries have an opportunity to participate in a consortial purchase of McGraw-Hill's AccessScience database. AccessScience includes the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology and its corresponding annual yearbooks, the Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, over 2,100 science biographies, news stories from Science News, and McGraw-Hill science editors' selected Web sites for further research capabilities. Order by June 1 for your subscription to start July 1.

American National Biography - The landmark American National Biography offers portraits of more than 17,400 men and women--from all eras and walks of life--whose lives have shaped the nation. This online version of the acclaimed twenty-four volume reference series was recently named one of Library Journal's "Best References of the Year." Order the American National Biography prior to June 1 to insure that your FTEs are included in the aggregation used to determine 2001/2002 pricing. Orders will be accepted after this date but will not count toward the final aggregation.

Britannica Online - As in past years, the Nebraska Library Commission is working in partnership with BCR to offer Britannica Online to Nebraska libraries at discounted rates. The group subscription year for this product is June 1 through May 31, but libraries may subscribe at any time.

CIS/Lexis-Nexis (multiple products) - The Nebraska Library Commission has cooperated with SOLINET for several years to bring discounted pricing on CIS/Lexis-Nexis products to Nebraska libraries. This year discounts are available on the following products: Academic Universe, Congressional Universe, State Capital Universe, Statistical Universe, History Universe, and Academic Access. Order by June 1 for you subscription to start July 1.

Columbia Granger's World of Poetry (New!) - The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry provides online access to: The Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry in Anthologies, editions 8-11; The Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry in Collected and Selected Works; The Columbia Granger's Guide to Poetry Anthologies, 2d edition; The Columbia Granger's Dictionary of Poetry Quotations; and The Classic Hundred Poems: All-Time Favorites. Accounts will be set up on a monthly basis, but all subscriptions will be prorated to end June 30, 2002.

EBSCO (multiple products) - This spring EBSCO is offering Nebraska Libraries discounted pricing on the following products: Ultra Online Package for High Schools, Middle Online Package for Jr. High and Middle Schools, Primary Online Package for Elementary Schools, NoveList, Academic Search Elite, Business Source Elite, and Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition. The order deadline for EBSCO products is June 1. No orders will be accepted after this date.

Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics (New!) - Grove's Dictionaries Inc. is offering Nebraska libraries discounted pricing on the online version of their new Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics. This encyclopedia is the largest single reference source in astronomy and astrophysics. It includes more than 2,750 entries, and some 3,500 illustrations. Order by June 1 to have your subscription start July 1.

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences -- Last year Grove's Dictionaries offered Nebraska libraries annual subscriptions to an "embryonic" version of the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (ELS) at the special rate of $50. By early May 2001 ELS will be fully functional and will contain all 3,000 articles originally planned for by its editorial advisory board. Nebraska libraries wishing to subscribe to this fully functional version can now do so through the Nebraska Library Commission. Order by June 1 to have your subscription start July 1.

Grolier (multiple products) - This year the Nebraska Library Commission has teamed with BCR to offer discounts on the following Grolier products: Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The New Book of Knowledge, Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre en linea, New Book of Popular Science Online, Lands and People Online, America the Beautiful. With the exception of Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre en linea, pricing is for packages consisting of two or more databases. The BCR subscription term for Grolier products is May 1 through April 30 but libraries can sign up at any time.

Grove Dictionary of Art Online -- The Grove Dictionary of Art Online provides Web access to the entire text of The Dictionary of Art (Grove, 1996, 34 vols.) with quarterly additions of new material and updates to the text, plus extensive image links and all the sophisticated search advantages possible with an online reference source. Order by June 1 to have your subscription start July 1.

MagillOnLiterature (New!) - MagillOnLiterature is compiled by Salem Press and is available through EBSCOhost. The information in this database equals the complete contents of thirty-one sets of reference books, including nearly twenty Masterplots and Masterplots II titles, the Cyclopedia of World Authors, the Cyclopedia of Literary Characters, as well as ten years of Magill's Literary Annuals and Magill Book Reviews. The order deadline for this product is June 1. No orders will be accepted after this date.

Oxford English Dictionary -- The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is the accepted authority on the evolution of the English language over the last millennium. It is a guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past. In addition to offering access to the wealth of material contained in the twenty volume Oxford English Dictionary and three volume Additions Series, OED Online enables the "treasure-house" of the English language to move with the times as never before. Order the Oxford English Dictionary prior to June 1 to insure that your FTEs are included in the aggregation used to determine 2001/2002 pricing. Orders will be accepted after this date but will not count toward the final aggregation.

Project MUSE -- The Nebraska Library Commission has arranged to participate in the group purchase of Project MUSE coordinated by SOLINET. Nebraska libraries are eligible for a forty-five percent discount on the following Project Muse database packages if they subscribe through SOLINET: Full Database Package, Arts and Humanities Package, Social Sciences Package, and Johns Hopkins University Press Package. The subscription term for these products is January 1 through December 31, but prorated subscriptions are accepted throughout the year.

Scientific American Archive Online (New!) - Grove's Dictionaries Inc. is offering Nebraska libraries discounted pricing on the new Scientific American Archive Online. The Archive offers Web access to the complete text and graphics of every issue of Scientific American from 1993 to the present. With over 4,000 complete articles (more than 60,000 words) and countless pictures, the Archive enables users to search, browse, read, e-mail, or download every page of every issue of Scientific American. The order deadline for this product is June 1. No orders will be accepted after this date.

SIRS - Once again Nebraska libraries will receive discounts on the following SIRS databases when ordering through the Nebraska Library Commission: SIRS Researcher, SIRS Discoverer Deluxe, SIRS Government Reporter, and SIRS Renaissance. The order deadline for a July 1 start date is June 1. Mid-term subscriptions will be accepted, but the cost will not be prorated.

--Susan Knisely
  Nebraska Library Commission


Several enhancements were added to the OCLC FirstSearch service on March 25. These enhancements include:

Automatic Notification of Per-Search Account Status: FirstSearch administrators may now implement an administrative module option that generates an e-mail message when a per-search account falls below a locally-defined threshold. This account customization option, added in response to user suggestions, will help libraries maintain uninterrupted FirstSearch access to their users. To activate the low search notification option, log on to the FirstSearch administrative module at <> and complete the Low Search Notification screen within the System Settings area. Online Help within the administrative module provides additional details about this functionality.

Limit by Library Holdings in More Databases: Users of the ABI/INFORM and INSPEC databases may now limit searches to only materials available in their local library collections. This search feature allows users to limit search results to only those items that have been cataloged on WorldCat by their library, and also supports limiting searches by the OCLC symbol of other libraries. There are now forty-three databases in the FirstSearch service that include the holdings limit search option.

Multiple Full Text Results Screen Changes: Revised on-screen information is now included on the list of multiple records that results when a full text link cannot be made to a single article. This is the screen that displays a list of related full-text articles when an exact match cannot be made based on information available for full-text linking. In addition to changing the heading on the screen to "Exact Match Not Found" (from the previous "Table of Contents with Available Full Text Links"), the online Help for this feature has been expanded. These changes were made after consultation with OCLC advisory groups and selected FirstSearch users about ways to help users better understand this full-text delivery feature.

As of April 24 the following enhancements were added to the OCLC FirstSearch service:

MEDLINE has been reindexed and now has many new fields available for searching. Most notably, MEDLINE will support the limiting of searches by library holdings and increase access to local library holdings. No changes need to be made by libraries that provide MEDLINE to their users.

OCLC has added a new Health and Wellness Information database. The Gale Group created the Health and Wellness Information database to replace their Health Reference Center and Health Reference Center-Academic databases. Health and Wellness Information provides access to more than 390 titles, and represents a gain of 100+ journal titles, significantly enhancing the health information available through FirstSearch. Current subscribers to Health Reference Center and Health Reference Center-Academic are being automatically moved over to Health and Wellness Information at no additional charge.

Customization option for full-text password administrative control. FirstSearch libraries may now add a customized message to the password prompt that users see when their library has implemented the full-text password option. Managed through the FirstSearch administrative module, the full-text password text provides a way for libraries to let their users know how to obtain the password needed for access to full text on FirstSearch.

Please contact NEBASE (402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665) or OCLC User and Network Support (800-848-5800 or <>) with questions about the OCLC FirstSearch service.



Beginning in March 2001, OCLC will feature a database each month on the OCLC FirstSearch Web site. The Featured Database of the Month is available for searching at no charge via a scripted link from the FirstSearch Web site. The Featured Database of the Month lets libraries and their users sample databases they do not yet provide for their users. It will also introduce FirstSearch to libraries that are considering the service.

The Featured Database is accessible by clicking the buttons that say "Try It Now!" in the boxes on the FirstSearch Web site at <> and <>. In addition, a "Try It Now!" button appears next to the name of the Featured Database in the list of databases here <>, under Detailed Information in the left frame.

The Featured Database for March and April was PAIS International. FactSearch is the FirstSearch Featured Database of the Month for May. Upcoming Featured Databases will be announced via the FIRSTSEARCH-L mailing list. The aim will be to change the Featured Database of the Month on the FirstSearch Web site on the first business day of each month.

Please contact NEBASE (402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665) or OCLC User & Network Support (800-848-5800 or <>) with questions regarding the FirstSearch Featured Database of the Month.

--OCLC [edited]


A practice version of the GPO Monthly Catalog database is now available for library use from the OCLC FirstSearch Web site. The database, a 49,000-record subset of The GPO Monthly Catalog, may be used at no charge by libraries for instructional or promotional purposes. A link to the two practice databases now available, PGPO and PWorldCat, is available from the "Learning/Teaching" section of the FirstSearch Web site at <>. As additional practice versions of FirstSearch databases become available, OCLC will provide access to them from the same page of the FirstSearch Web site.



Fifty-four new journals from thirteen publishers have been added to the OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online service. This brings the online total to 3,189. The number of publishers under contract is approximately fifty-six and the number of journals under contract for distribution through OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online is over 3,400.

Additional information about these titles, including ISSN, format and Print Subscriber Program status is available in "Electronic Collections Online Publishers and Journals" at <>

--Sonya Thelin Oliver
  OCLC Reference and Resource Sharing


OCLC WebExpress is offering current OCLC FirstSearch users 50% off their first year subscription to OCLC WebExpress if ordered by May 31.

By using WebExpress as the gateway to your library resources, you can:

  • Enable users to quickly find the information they need by integrating all your Z39.50 resources-including your OPAC and FirstSearch databases-under one search interface.
  • Allow individual users to save searches for later use.
  • Increase your staff's productivity by offering user-initiated interlibrary loan from your OCLC WebExpress gateway.
  • Increase your library's visibility by including customized features such as your library's logo and schedule of events.

    WebExpress allows you to increase your authentication options:

  • Give remote users secure access to all your library resources at their convenience from their homes, offices, or dorm rooms.
  • Set up user authorization based on IP addresses, passwords, library ID cards, social security numbers, student IDs, etc.
  • Customize database access for different user groups-faculty, staff, patron, student, etc.

    For more information, visit the OCLC WebExpress Web site at <>.



    OCLC WebExpress Demo Movie Nominated for Best Picture
    Well not really, but it is showing at the Service Center. Demos for the patron and administrative modules walk a potential user through the basic functionality of each interface. The demos require Windows Media Player 6.4 or 7.0 and a sound card. To link directly to the demo page, go to <>.

    OCLC WebExpress Has Added New Z39.50 Resources
    All new resources are noted on: <>.

    If you are interested in other information providers and resources, view the following submittal procedure: "How to add new information resources to the OCLC WebExpress Service" <>.

    --Meredith Dean
      OCLC Distributed Systems


    Presentations and minutes from the February meeting of the OCLC Users Council are now available on the OCLC Web site at <>. During the three-day meeting, delegates discussed OCLC strategic directions and governance recommendations, as well as the library as a community portal.

    --Christa Burns
      Nebraska Library Commission


    The OCLC Board of Trustees has named nine people to an ad hoc committee to review, in conjunction with the OCLC Users Council, the definitions of membership and contribution and to develop a new formula for allocating representation on the Users Council. The committee will present recommendations to the Board of Trustees and Users Council by May 2002.

    Mary-Alice Lynch, executive director, Nylink, will chair the Ad Hoc Membership Committee. Committee members are: Maurice Glicksman, member, OCLC Board of Trustees, and professor of engineering (Research) and provost emeritus, Brown University; Victoria Hanawalt, member, OCLC Board of Trustees, and college librarian, Eric V. Hauser Library, Reed College; Ian Mowat, member, OCLC Users Council, and librarian, Edinburgh University Library; Kristin Senecal, OCLC Users Council, and acting director, Waidner-Spahr Library, Dickinson College; Jerry Stephens, OCLC Users Council vice president/president-elect, and librarian and director, Mervyn H. Sterne Library, University of Alabama-Birmingham.

    Ex-officio members are: Larry Alford, OCLC Users Council president, and deputy university librarian, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; William J. Crowe, chair, OCLC Board of Trustees, and Spencer Librarian, Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas; and George Needham, OCLC vice president for Member Services.

    OCLC's present governance structure was adopted in 1977. That structure consists of general members, Users Council and Board of Trustees. The nearly 9,000 general OCLC members contribute all their current roman-alphabet cataloging to WorldCat (the OCLC Online Union Catalog). An additional 29,000 libraries use various OCLC services but do not contribute all their current roman-alphabet cataloging to WorldCat and are classified as participants rather than members.

    General members elect sixty delegates to the OCLC Users Council. Currently, the apportionment of delegates among networks and service centers is based on cataloging and interlibrary loan activity. The Users Council meets three times a year to provide advice and counsel to OCLC; its principal governance responsibilities are to elect six members of the OCLC Board of Trustees and to ratify changes in the OCLC articles of incorporation and code of regulations.

    "This committee will build on the excellent work of the Strategic Directions and OCLC Governance Advisory Council to ensure that the values that have brought libraries together in shared purpose through OCLC and its many partners can be sustained into the digital era," said Mr. Crowe. "With a membership of distinguished librarians from across the library community and a board member from academe, this committee will recommend ways the collaborative can appropriately value the contribution of intellectual content and sharing of resources from both current and prospective members. The committee's recommendations will help ensure that, in an increasingly global information society, OCLC will continue to function as a nonprofit, membership cooperative, whose governance structure will be better able to advance its public purposes of furthering access to the world's information and reducing the rate of rise in library costs."

    "For more than twenty years, the OCLC collaborative has operated under the principle that participation in its governance is determined by contribution," said Mr. Larry Alford. "The OCLC Users Council, in discussions over the last year, reaffirmed that basic principle but also strongly supported an expansion of the definition of contribution and resource sharing. Users Council believes such an expansion will recognize and value through participation in OCLC governance the diverse activities libraries now engage in cooperatively to better serve the world's library users."

    "The values and fundamental principles that were so key in the early development of OCLC as well as in its evolution into the largest library collaborative in the world have been reaffirmed by the recent governance study," said Ms. Lynch. "The challenge now is to build on those values and principles, but to take a fresh look at the definition of contribution/membership in the rapidly changing library environment, with consideration of the range and global reach of OCLC services. I look forward to working with the other committee members, with input from OCLC's key constituent groups, to develop a contribution definition and process that will continue to recognize and reinforce the collaborative."


    The OCLC Accessions List Service is a current awareness tool to inform faculty and/or patrons about new materials in the library. The electronic list is an HTML file that can be easily imported into a word processing program for further formatting or loaded directly onto the library's Web pages. Note that the lists do not contain diacritics. Several sorting options are available to customize lists.

    A sample Accessions List, providing examples of the five options for sorting, is available via OCLC Product Services Web at <>.

    If your library is on fixed fee pricing, you may use the Accessions List service at no additional charge.

    --Anna Sylvester
      OCLC Metadata Services


    The new Local Database Creation Order form, with its validation and help feature will ensure timely and accurate order fulfillment. OCLC asks that you use this form for all orders--no more paper forms please. The new LDC order form is now on the Web at: <>. If you cannot access this form, please contact NEBASE 402-471-3107 or 800-307-2665.

    To access the form, enter your OCLC symbol (you are no longer required to enter a valid authorization and password). When the regional service provider is filling out the form, or checking for information, the provider enters its network code for OCLC symbol. This pulls up the Network Options Screen.

    When you fill out a LDC request, a copy goes to the regional service provider. The provider now receives a weekly e-mail notification of pending LDC requests. The provider must approve all orders before OCLC begins processing.

    When the order form is filled out, a summary page displays so that you can check the accuracy of the order. If you detect an error, click on the topic header to go back to the part of the form that needs to be modified. Once the order form is accurate, checked by the regional service provider, the provider can approve the request.

    The Run Parameter Report and Run Delivery Report remains unchanged.

    --Jean Davis
      OCLC Conversion Services


    Don't want to search a manual to find that one bit of information you can't quite remember? OCLC provides cheat-sheet Reference Cards to make your job easier. And they are available at no charge. Get them from the OCLC Web site or order print versions from NEBASE or from OCLC at <>. They include:

    --Judy Barnes [edited]
      OCLC Quality Assurance


    OCLC institution symbols are currently three characters. Eventually, all possible combinations of three-character symbols will be exhausted.

    So that OCLC can continue to assign unique institution symbols, OCLC will switch to five-character symbols. OCLC will assign five-character symbols to new institutions beginning in August. After all five-character symbols are exhausted, OCLC will move to six, then seven, and finally eight characters. OCLC will continue to support three-character symbols.

    Group Symbols Group symbols are assigned to libraries that join together with others in their geographical area and/or with libraries of a similar type for cost-effective, efficient resource sharing.

    OCLC Union List Service Changes in May Installation To prepare for the expanded institution symbols, OCLC will install changes to Union List commands and displays OCLC expects to install these changes on May 13, 2001.

    Union List Command Changes The system will accept this command with or without the space.

    ULxxx enter as ULxxx or UL xxx ("xxx" is 3 or 5-8 character institution symbol)

    ULxxxx enter as ULxxxx or UL xxxx ("xxxx" is a 4-character group symbol)

    UG indicates a group symbol

    Note: The UL command uses the length of the symbol to determine whether a group symbol or an institution symbol was intended.

    New commands The space is required between command and symbol.

    UI xxx (xxx is a 3- or 5-8 character institution symbol)

    UG xxxx (xxxx is a 4-character group symbol)

    UI indicates an institution symbol

    UG indicates a group symbol

    Display Changes The Union List Group displays will have space for up to eight-character symbols.

    Please see the forthcoming Technical Bulletin 242 OCLC Symbol Expansion for details. Availability of Technical Bulletin 242 will be announced via TECHBUL-L and on the OCLC Web site.

    --Susan Walker
      OCLC Metadata Services


    Are you unable to attend a scheduled NEBASE workshop? Would you like to brush up on your OCLC searching, cataloging or interlibrary loan skills? Do you have a new staff member to train? Tutorials, lessons, guided tours, and demonstrations for many OCLC products and services can be found on the OCLC Training Web site at <>.

    OCLC has updated Searching WorldCat: An OCLC Tutorial to include changes to Keyword searching, LCCN searching, and ISSN searching. This tutorial uses hands-on exercises to teach searching strategies and techniques in a self-paced, offline environment. Use this tutorial to become a more efficient searcher of WorldCat records from the OCLC Cataloging, Interlibrary Loan, Selection, and Union List services.

    Using Interlibrary Loan: An OCLC Tutorial contains self-paced training materials that teach the main functions of the OCLC borrowing and lending cycle as well as general ILL concepts. Other topics include OCLC ILL Custom Holdings, multiple constant data, "Reasons for saying No," and OCLC ILL Direct Requests.

    The OCLC CatExpress Tutorial provides a simulation of the CatExpress service, a Web-based tool for inexpensive and easy copy cataloging. The course includes exercises in searching, adding local information, setting holdings, and downloading records. It takes the learner through the basic steps of CatExpress from start to finish and mirrors the simplicity of the product itself.

    Training materials are also provided for the OCLC Cooperative Online Resource Catalog (CORC), OCLC CatME for Windows, Dewey for Windows, OCLC WebExpress, OCLC SiteSearch Suite, and OCLC FirstSearch.

    --Christa Burns
      Nebraska Library Commission


    Could you use a bare-bones cheat sheet to help you search WorldCat? A revised Searching WorldCat Reference Card is available on the OCLC Web at <>. The Reference Card gives:

    A printed version will be available in May. Please order no-charge copies from NEBASE or from OCLC at <>. Searching for Bibliographic Records Quick Reference (REF2078) is now obsolete.

    OCLC is also revising the manual, Searching for Bibliographic Records. As with the Reference Card, the revision will be published first on the Web followed by print. Please watch for announcements about availability.

    --Lois Yoakam
      OCLC Quality Assurance


    On April 2, 2001, OCLC began converting the values in Source (008/39) from 'c' or 'd' to 'blank' in National Library of Medicine (NLM) bibliographic records. This database scan is part of the follow-up to the MARC Bibliographic Update 2000 install of December 10, 2000 when OCLC implemented the changes in definition to several values in Source.

    Because Source value 'blank' now represents cataloging from a national bibliographic agency and not just the Library of Congress, OCLC plans to run database scans on records from several national bibliographic agencies to convert Source values in these records to 'blank'. NLM records are being processed first because we are also moving NLM control numbers in field 069 to field 016. OCLC plans to convert Source values in records from the British Library (UKM), the National Library of Australia (AUT), the National Agricultural Library (AGL), and the National Library of Canada (NLC). We are also investigating whether to convert the Source values records from other national bibliographic agencies that would use code 'blank' in Source.

    The scans will take several weeks to complete. For information on the new definitions for the various Source values, see Technical Bulletin 236 <>. For information on the conversion of NLM Control numbers from field 069 to field 016, see Technical Bulletin 241 <>.

    --Ellen R. Caplan
      OCLC Metadata Services


    OCLC Forest Press has published an updated edition of the DDC Summaries booklet.

    "This booklet is a concise guide to the basic structure and categories of the Dewey Decimal Classification system," said Joan S. Mitchell, editor in chief of the Dewey Decimal Classification and executive director of OCLC Forest Press. "The DDC Summaries booklet is a teaching tool that should be of special interest to teachers, students and anyone who wants to learn more about the world's most widely used library classification system."

    The DDC Summaries booklet contains the ten main classes, 100 divisions and 1,000 sections of the Dewey Decimal Classification. The first and second summaries of the DDC feature updated captions. The third summary is reprinted from DDC 21, the 21st edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification and Relative Index. A brief introduction to the Dewey Decimal Classification is included.

    The updated captions for the first and second summaries also appear in WebDewey in CORC, the Web-based version of the enhanced Dewey Decimal Classification database, and in Dewey for Windows, the CD-ROM version.

    To order Forest Press products in the U.S., Canada and Latin America, contact OCLC Forest Press, 6565 Frantz Road, Dublin, Ohio, 43017-3395 (toll-free fax 888-Dewey 21 or 888-339-3921, fax +1-614-798-5728, or e-mail <>). Orders may also be placed through the Dewey Web site <>. For information about Forest Press products, telephone 800-848-5878, ext. 6237, or +1-614-764-6237.


    March 2001 enhancements to CORC:

    The following describes enhancements that OCLC installed as part of upgrade package 1.13 on March 25, 2001.

    Default simultaneous sessions limit increased: The default maximum limit of simultaneous sessions for any single authorization was raised from the previous three sessions to ten sessions. Sessions which had previously been set manually to any value other than three will not be affected by this change.

    Metadata extraction for resource records (a.k.a. "harvesting"): A package of enhancements was implemented to improve the quality and consistency of the initial resource records that CORC generates when the Create>single record or Create>Multiple Records feature is used. These changes include:

    Dublin Core editing: OCLCg (OCLC genre) drop-down for the Dublin Core and DC Text Area editing views: The OCLC genre term list (which formerly required precise input by keying in the terms) has been changed to a more convenient drop-down box. (N.B. The OCLC genre term assigned in the Dublin Core view assists CORC in setting the appropriate values in one or more MARC fixed fields.)

    Pathfinder Save File: Aging has been implemented in the Pathfinder Save File (180-day limit).

    Other corrections, changes, etc: The 1.13 install also included a range of minor corrections and improvements including:

    General information site for CORC: <>.

    --Eric Childress [edited]
      OCLC Metadata Services Division

    April 2001 enhancements to CORC:

    On April 29, 2001, OCLC implemented the following enhancements to CORC:

    1. Time-out Timer: A digital display was added to the navigation bar, indicating the amount of time left before the current session expires.

    2. Browsing Authorities: The search and browse functions are now accessible from separate screens. Instead of one "Search/Browse" button, the navigation bar now has separate "Search" and "Browse" buttons leading to these screens. In addition, after a browse, a "Browse Results" button displays on the navigation bar, allowing you to return to your browse results in the same way the "Search Results" button allows you to return to your search results.

    3. Browsing WebDewey: The same enhancements for browsing authorities, described above, have been implemented in WebDewey. In addition, the WebDewey quick search box that appears at the top of schedule and table records was expanded into a dual-purpose quick browse/search feature.

    4. WebDewey Quarterly Update: The WebDewey database now includes all updates to Dewey Decimal Classification, Edition 21, from January through March 2001 (corrections, new developments, new built numbers, and additional electronic index terms) as well as all editorially mapped LCSH/DDC (EM) from LC Subject Headings Weekly Lists nos. 35-45, 2000.
    Note: OCLC has postponed plans to install the CORC TCP/IP Export feature. We will provide CORC users with specific details about a new installation date as soon as it becomes available. Future information concerning TCP/IP Export will be posted on CORC-L.

    Feedback about CORC is welcome. We recommend that you use the Contact Support feature in CORC to send both reports of problems and also suggestions for improvements. General information site for CORC: <>.

    --Dawn Lawson
      OCLC Forest Press


    N@F records are from the NetFirst database, a database created and maintained by OCLC staff as a reference database. The database consists of records for Web resources. OCLC staff have selected the items and created records with enhanced Dewey and subject access. Even though the database is created as an A&I service, the records were added to CORC to enrich the resources that were already there. There is extensive information about NetFirst at <>.

    When you find a NetFirst record, please feel free to modify the record using the Edit Master Record feature. The MARC Encoding Level is '3' so any full user can upgrade the record in the database. As a rule of thumb, users should never create a new record for something that is represented in the database. Users should edit existing records. OCLC encourages all users to upgrade those records they are authorized to upgrade.

    --Rich Greene
      OCLC Metadata Services


    What changes are coming for OCLC CatME for Windows? OCLC will release multiple versions of CatME during 2001.

    CatME Version 1.21

    CatME 1.21 will include problem fixes only; it will not include enhancements. It will be released for electronic download from OCLC Web site during second calendar quarter 2001. This version will not be available on compact disc. Here is a partial list of problems, which will be resolved in CatME 1.21:

    CatME Version 2.00 and Beyond

    CatME 1.21 is the first step toward the implementation of CatME 2.00. OCLC has not determined if all enhancements will be included in one release of CatME, or if multiple versions of CatME will be released. OCLC expects to implement these changes in the second half of 2001:

    --David Whitehair
      OCLC Metadata Services


    Have you tried the OCLC CatME for Windows software recently? If you have not, you might want to. It increases your options to work more efficiently.

    You can work either interactively online or offline. For example, you can search for a record interactively, edit the record, set your holdings, and export it all while working online. Or you can save records to your local file and do some editing and exporting offline, and then batch your holdings back to OCLC.

    You can do your actions either immediately or in batch. For example, you can export immediately when you select the Export action, or you can set export to be done in batch. If you select batch, the record gets "marked for the Export action" when you do an export, but the record is not actually exported until you run the batch later. The software is flexible, allowing you to use it however it fits best with your workflow.

    CatME 1.20 supports all Cataloging functionality except the two features below, which OCLC is adding to CatME this year.

    Watch for more information on these enhancements in the coming months.

    The OCLC CatME software is available at no charge. You can download the software from the OCLC Web site, or you can order a copy on compact disc as part of the OCLC Access Suite. Visit the CatME home page at <> for more information, to download the software, and to order the compact disc.

    --David Whitehair
      OCLC Metadata Services


    OCLC would like to remind you of certain things you should do at least twice per year:

    To view your NAD record, type : xxx <F11> (with "xxx" being your library's OCLC symbol) at the home position. Remember, you must be logged on with a full-level authorization for any OCLC service (cataloging, ILL, union listing) to be able to make any changes to your record.

    You cannot change some fields, such as your library's name. They must be changed by OCLC via a no-charge "profile change request." To request this change, send a letter or email containing the details to your regional service provider. Changes usually take four-to-six weeks for completion in the OCLC system.

    For assistance with other changes to your record, please contact OCLC User & Network Support at 800-848-5800 or via email at <>.

    --Cathy Kellum
      OCLC Reference and Resource Sharing


    National Agricultural Library March's featured participant in the OCLC ILL Document Supplier Program is the National Agricultural Library (AGL). The following article details its collections along with some ILL policies.

    The National Agricultural Library accepts requests from libraries and other organizations in accordance with national and international interlibrary code and guidelines. It is a library of last resort except for other USDA libraries, federal libraries in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and foreign national libraries. Its holdings are listed in WorldCat (the OCLC Online Union Catalog) with the OCLC symbol AGL.

    Monographs are lent for one month to U.S. libraries only and may be renewed for one additional month if the item is not on reserve. For photocopies, submit a separate request for each article. Indicate your willingness to pay charges and comply with copyright laws. Monographs and photocopies are shipped by U.S. Postal Service, first-class mail. Invoices are issued quarterly by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS). A deposit account with NTIS is encouraged. For current price information, see the Name-Address Directory record, NACN :36251.

    Whenever possible, include the NAL call number, which appears in the 070 field of the OCLC record.

    For additional information and instructions on filling out the OCLC ILL workform as specified by the National Agricultural Library (OCLC symbol AGL), see <>, NAD record :36251, the ILL Document Supplier Reference Card, or contact:
    National Agricultural Library Document Delivery Services
    Branch Beltsville, MD 20705
    Telephone: +301-504-5755
    Fax: +301-504-5675
    e-mail: <>
    URL: <>.

    British Library Document Supply Centre April's featured participant in the OCLC ILL Document Supplier Program is the British Library Document Supply Centre. The following article details its collections along with some ILL policies.

    The British Library Document Supply Centre supplies loans and photocopies of original documents subject to the provisions of the United Kingdom (UK) copyright legislation. It is a national and international center for interlibrary loan and document supply.

    The British Library Document Supply Centre holds more than 254,000 journals in most languages and subjects; 351,000 proceedings of conferences held worldwide; 4,000,000 reports in microform; 575,000 doctoral dissertations; and 3,000,000 books in English. Eighty-nine percent of the four million requests received each year are satisfied from stock. The BLDSC also holds a wide range of UK Government documents and a depository library for European Community (EC) material.

    BLDSC publishes guides to its holdings. Both a CD-ROM version and the Boston Spa Serials on CD-ROM contain over 500,000 serial titles including holdings of other major UK libraries and are updated biannually. It is also available in a microfiche version--the Keyword Index to Serial Titles (KIST). Current Serials Received lists the 62,000 currently received periodicals at the BLDSC and the British Library Science Reference and Information Service. Inside Service and Inside Social Sciences and Humanities on CD-ROM Plus provide monthly access to the contents pages of the 20,000 most frequently requested journal titles held at the BLDSC.

    The Index of Conference Proceedings Received, published monthly with annual cumulations, lists all the conference material added to the collection. Also available, as the Boston Spa Conferences on CD-ROM and Inside Conferences on CD-ROM (both published quarterly), provides details of conference papers from over 15,000 conferences collected each year. British Reports Translations and Theses (BRIT), published monthly, lists recent acquisitions of "grey literature" by subject. It is also available as four monthly subject-based Focus Bulletins.

    Books at Boston Spa (BABS) provides details on microfiche of all the English language books and Western European language books published 1980 or later and held at BLDSC. It is also available as Boston Spa Books on CD-ROM, updated biannually. For current information on these publications, contact BLDSC at: Tel: +44 1937 546078; fax: +44 1937 546286.

    BLDSC Monographs, Serial Holdings, Conference File, and BRIT records are available via BLAISE (the latter as part of the SIGLE file). OPAC 97 provides access to the BLDSC serials, conference, and monographic files. It can be searched free of charge at . Please note that the database does not contain a complete catalogue of all BLDSC's holdings---many official publications and reports on microfilm are not included. Neither music nor pre-1980 monographs are as yet recorded.

    Approximately 48,000 currently received serial titles are listed in WorldCat (the OCLC Online Union Catalog) without holdings statements. BLDSC is not the old British Museum Library and does not hold all the books listed in the British Museum catalog, nor those listed in WorldCat with the holding symbol UKM.

    For complete lending polices and workform instructions, please visit the site at <> or see Name-Address Directory record NACN :20621. You may also contact BLDSC or the Saluda, VA office toll-free at 800-932-3575, or your OCLC-affiliated Regional Network Office.

    British Library Document Supply (BLDSC)
    Centre Customer Services
    Boston Spa
    West Yorkshire LS23 7BQ
    Telephone: + 44 1937 546060
    Fax: + 44 1937 546333 or + 44 1937 546403
    E-mail: <>
    URL: <>

    --Mark Tullos [edited]
      OCLC Reference and Resource Sharing


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