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Nebraska Public Library Board Certification Status

The table below shows library board certification status for each public library in Nebraska. If the Expiration Date column is blank, our records show no certification participation on the part of the library. To apply for certification, complete the Public Library Board Certification Application. Boards will be certified upon completion of at least 20 hours of continuing education activities over a three-year period. Further information about the board certification program is available here or by contacting Holli Duggan.

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Sort By:  City Library Name System Expiration Date
CityLibrary NameBd CertifiedExpiration DateSystem
AinsworthY9/30/2018 Central Plains
AlbionY8/31/2017 Three Rivers
Alexandria4/30/2008 Southeast
Allen4/30/2008 Three Rivers
AllianceY5/31/2018 Western
AlmaY4/11/2020 Central Plains
Ansley4/30/2008 Central Plains
ArapahoeY8/31/2017 Central Plains
Arcadia Central Plains
Arlington10/31/2008 Three Rivers
Arnold Central Plains
Arthur4/30/2012 Western
AshlandY10/22/2018 Southeast
AtkinsonY9/30/2017 Central Plains
AuburnY9/30/2018 Southeast
AuroraY10/19/2018 Southeast
AxtellY8/31/2017 Central Plains
BancroftY8/31/2017 Three Rivers
BartleyY9/15/2018 Central Plains
BassettY8/31/2017 Central Plains
Battle CreekY8/31/2017 Three Rivers
Bayard9/30/2014 Western
BeatriceY7/7/2017 Southeast
Beaver CityY1/13/2018 Central Plains
Beaver Crossing4/30/2008 Southeast
BeemerY9/30/2018 Three Rivers
BellevueY6/30/2018 Three Rivers
BenkelmanY9/30/2017 Western
BenningtonY4/11/2020 Three Rivers
Big Springs Western
BlairY8/31/2019 Three Rivers
BloomfieldY9/15/2018 Three Rivers
Blue Hill3/31/2017 Central Plains
BridgeportY12/1/2018 Western
BroadwaterY7/31/2019 Western
Broken BowY9/16/2018 Central Plains
Bruning3/31/2008 Southeast
BrunswickY9/30/2018 Three Rivers
Burwell4/30/2008 Central Plains
Butte Central Plains
Byron Southeast
Callaway6/30/2008 Central Plains
CambridgeY9/1/2019 Central Plains
Campbell Central Plains
Carroll Three Rivers
Cedar RapidsY9/1/2018 Three Rivers
Central CityY9/30/2018 Southeast
CerescoY8/31/2017 Southeast
ChadronY6/1/2017 Western
ChappellY4/29/2018 Western
Clarks6/9/2015 Southeast
ClarksonY9/30/2019 Three Rivers
Clay CenterY9/30/2017 Southeast
ClearwaterY1/29/2020 Three Rivers
ColumbusY4/30/2017 Three Rivers
Comstock Central Plains
CozadY2/1/2019 Central Plains
CrawfordY6/30/2018 Western
CreightonY5/31/2018 Three Rivers
CreteY9/30/2017 Southeast
Crofton11/30/2014 Three Rivers
CulbertsonY7/20/2018 Western
Curtis8/31/2008 Central Plains
Dakota CityY9/30/2017 Three Rivers
Dalton4/30/2008 Western
Davenport4/30/2008 Southeast
David CityY9/30/2018 Southeast
Dawson4/30/2008 Southeast
Daykin4/30/2008 Southeast
DeshlerY10/30/2017 Southeast
DeWittY5/31/2018 Southeast
DodgeY9/30/2017 Three Rivers
Dorchester Southeast
Douglas Southeast
Dwight9/30/2012 Southeast
ElginY9/1/2018 Three Rivers
Elm Creek4/30/2008 Central Plains
ElmwoodY1/6/2020 Three Rivers
ElwoodY8/30/2017 Central Plains
EmersonY9/30/2017 Three Rivers
Eustis4/30/2008 Central Plains
Ewing Central Plains
ExeterY9/30/2019 Southeast
FairburyY4/11/2020 Southeast
FairfieldY8/31/2017 Southeast
FairmontY9/30/2017 Southeast
Falls CityY10/15/2018 Southeast
FarnamY6/30/2018 Central Plains
FranklinY8/31/2017 Central Plains
FremontY12/7/2019 Three Rivers
FriendY8/31/2018 Southeast
FullertonY9/30/2018 Three Rivers
GenevaY9/30/2019 Southeast
GenoaY10/1/2017 Three Rivers
GeringY4/11/2020 Western
GibbonY6/30/2018 Central Plains
Giltner Southeast
Glenvil Southeast
GordonY9/30/2018 Western
GothenburgY4/11/2020 Central Plains
Grand IslandY6/30/2018 Central Plains
GrantY6/30/2017 Western
Greeley4/30/2008 Central Plains
GreenwoodY9/30/2019 Three Rivers
Gresham4/30/2008 Southeast
GretnaY8/31/2017 Three Rivers
Guide Rock Central Plains
HarrisonY3/16/2019 Western
HartingtonY9/30/2017 Three Rivers
Harvard8/31/2008 Southeast
HastingsY7/1/2017 Central Plains
Hay Springs Western
Hayes Center4/30/2008 Western
HebronY8/31/2017 Southeast
HemingfordY4/11/2020 Western
HildrethY9/30/2019 Central Plains
Holdrege4/11/2017 Central Plains
HooperY3/31/2018 Three Rivers
HowellsY9/30/2019 Three Rivers
HumboldtY8/1/2017 Southeast
HumphreyY5/20/2018 Three Rivers
HyannisY3/31/2018 Western
ImperialY5/31/2018 Western
IndianolaY8/31/2017 Central Plains
KearneyY8/31/2017 Central Plains
KimballY9/30/2019 Western
La VistaY9/30/2018 Three Rivers
LaurelY1/31/2018 Three Rivers
LeighY9/30/2018 Three Rivers
Lewellen Western
LexingtonY7/31/2017 Central Plains
LincolnY6/30/2018 Southeast
Litchfield4/30/2008 Central Plains
LodgepoleY8/31/2017 Western
LouisvilleY1/9/2020 Three Rivers
Loup CityY11/30/2018 Central Plains
LymanY6/30/2018 Western
Lynch Central Plains
LyonsY12/1/2018 Three Rivers
MadisonY6/1/2017 Three Rivers
Mason City4/30/2008 Central Plains
McCookY5/31/2018 Central Plains
MeadY8/31/2017 Southeast
Meadow GroveY8/31/2017 Three Rivers
Merna4/30/2008 Central Plains
MilfordY4/30/2017 Southeast
Milligan Southeast
Minatare4/30/2009 Western
MindenY4/30/2020 Central Plains
MitchellY8/31/2017 Western
MorrillY9/30/2018 Western
Mullen5/31/2015 Western
Naper Central Plains
Nebraska CityY7/31/2019 Southeast
Nehawka Three Rivers
NelighY3/30/2018 Three Rivers
NelsonY4/1/2020 Southeast
Newman GroveY8/31/2017 Three Rivers
Niobrara3/31/2014 Three Rivers
NorfolkY9/30/2018 Three Rivers
North BendY3/31/2018 Three Rivers
North Loup6/30/2015 Central Plains
North PlatteY10/31/2018 Central Plains
OakdaleY1/31/2018 Three Rivers
OaklandY8/1/2019 Three Rivers
Oconto Central Plains
OgallalaY11/30/2017 Western
OmahaY5/31/2018 Three Rivers
O'NeillY4/30/2020 Central Plains
OrchardY9/30/2017 Three Rivers
OrdY4/30/2020 Central Plains
OrleansY4/30/2018 Central Plains
OsceolaY6/30/2018 Southeast
OshkoshY9/30/2019 Western
OsmondY10/1/2019 Three Rivers
Overton Central Plains
OxfordY10/1/2018 Central Plains
PalisadeY12/31/2018 Western
Palmer Southeast
PalmyraY12/9/2017 Southeast
PapillionY5/31/2018 Three Rivers
Pawnee CityY9/30/2017 Southeast
PaxtonY12/31/2018 Western
PenderY9/30/2018 Three Rivers
Petersburg Three Rivers
PierceY4/30/2020 Three Rivers
PilgerY5/31/2018 Three Rivers
PlainviewY11/30/2017 Three Rivers
PlattsmouthY4/11/2020 Three Rivers
Plymouth4/30/2008 Southeast
PolkY6/30/2017 Southeast
PoncaY10/21/2017 Three Rivers
PotterY7/25/2018 Western
Primrose Three Rivers
RalstonY1/31/2018 Three Rivers
RandolphY9/30/2017 Three Rivers
RavennaY9/30/2017 Central Plains
Red CloudY5/31/2018 Central Plains
Rising City Southeast
RushvilleY9/30/2017 Western
Saint EdwardY8/18/2018 Three Rivers
Saint PaulY6/1/2017 Central Plains
Sargent8/31/2012 Central Plains
SchuylerY8/31/2017 Three Rivers
Scotia Central Plains
ScottsbluffY5/31/2018 Western
ScribnerY8/30/2017 Three Rivers
SewardY6/30/2018 Southeast
ShelbyY9/30/2017 Southeast
Shelton10/13/2014 Central Plains
ShickleyY10/5/2017 Southeast
Shubert Southeast
SidneyY8/18/2019 Western
Silver Creek Southeast
Snyder Three Rivers
South Sioux CityY8/30/2019 Three Rivers
Spalding4/11/2008 Central Plains
Spencer Central Plains
SpringfieldY1/31/2020 Three Rivers
Springview4/30/2008 Central Plains
StantonY9/30/2018 Three Rivers
Stapleton9/30/2006 Central Plains
Stella Southeast
Sterling Southeast
Stratton4/30/2008 Western
StromsburgY7/31/2017 Southeast
Stuart2/29/2008 Central Plains
SuperiorY5/31/2018 Southeast
Sutherland Central Plains
SuttonY8/31/2017 Southeast
SyracuseY4/30/2017 Southeast
Table Rock4/30/2008 Southeast
Talmage4/30/2008 Southeast
Taylor4/30/2008 Central Plains
TecumsehY8/31/2017 Southeast
TekamahY7/26/2017 Three Rivers
Thedford Central Plains
TildenY5/31/2018 Three Rivers
TrentonY3/19/2019 Western
UlyssesY7/1/2019 Southeast
ValentineY9/30/2017 Central Plains
ValleyY8/17/2019 Three Rivers
ValparaisoY4/30/2017 Southeast
VerdigreY6/30/2018 Three Rivers
Verdon Southeast
WahooY6/30/2017 Southeast
WakefieldY7/31/2017 Three Rivers
Wallace Central Plains
WalthillY4/10/2019 Three Rivers
WaterlooY9/30/2019 Three Rivers
WaunetaY9/1/2018 Western
WausaY5/31/2018 Three Rivers
Waverly Southeast
WayneY8/31/2017 Three Rivers
Weeping WaterY5/31/2018 Three Rivers
West PointY8/31/2018 Three Rivers
WesternY10/31/2017 Southeast
Wilber3/23/2017 Southeast
Wilsonville9/30/2006 Central Plains
WinsideY10/1/2018 Three Rivers
WisnerY8/31/2017 Three Rivers
Wood River Central Plains
WymoreY6/30/2018 Southeast
YorkY12/31/2019 Southeast
YutanY9/30/2018 Southeast


For more information, contact Holli Duggan.