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January 6, 2009

Workshops to be Held in North Platte in May

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The following workshops have been scheduled at the North Platte Community College, 1101 Halligan Drive, North Platte. The instructor is Michael Sauers, Technology Innovation Librarian, Nebraska Library Commission.

Introduction to Web Page Creation with XHTML

Even if you use FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Drupal to Blogger to create your Web site, there’s XHTML under the hood. This six-hour workshop will give you a basic understanding of how the eXtensible HyperText Markup language works and how to create Web pages using it through a hands-on approach. By the end of the day attendees will be able to create new pages from scratch and have a solid
foundation on which to build their future Web page creation skills.

Date and Time: May 5, 9am - 4pm CT

For more information and to register:

Style Your Web Site with CSS

Once you have the content of your Web page written and your markup added, it’s time to add some style. Cascading Style Sheets is the language that gives you the power to make your pages look the way you want them to. CSS also allows you to give your site a consistent look across all of your pages in less code than you’d imagine. Ultimately, designing your Web site using CSS allows you to accomplish more work, in less time, and make your site easier to manage over the long-term. This full-day, hands-on workshop, will give you the basic skills to begin designing professional future-compatible looking Web sites.

Date and Time:
May 6, 9am - 4pm CT

For more information and to register:

I Blog, You Blog, Weblog

Blogs are an easy way to not only receive information, but also to publish the information you have. More than just an online journal, blog-based publishing might be the best way for you to present your library's information to the public.

Date and Time:
May 7, 9am - 12 noon CT

For more information and to register: /scripts/calendar/eventshow.asp?ProgID=8827

Internet Access: What's Your Policy?

You offer computers to the public. You most likely offer Internet access on those computers. You may even offer WiFi Internet access for the patrons with their own laptops and other devices. So, what’s your policy on what they can do, when they can do it, and what they may do it with? Issues range from filtering, to floppies. Do you leave the WiFi on after hours or worry about someone using it in their car across the street? Take a moment to re-read your policies and let’s have a chat.

Date and Time: May 7, 1pm - 4pm CT

For more information and to register: /scripts/calendar/eventshow.asp?ProgID=8828

RSS: The Basics

The new technology of RSS, also known as feeds allows users to subscribe to content that they wish to receive in a regular and timely manner. Feeds also allows information providers to send this information in the format necessary for users to subscribe. This three hour hands-on workshop will introduce attendees to both providing and consuming content via RSS.

Date and Time:
May 8,  9am - 12 noon CT

For more information and to register: /scripts/calendar/eventshow.asp?ProgID=8829

RSS: Next Steps

Description: Once you’ve mastered subscribing to and reading feeds, what’s next? How about manipulating, mashing, sorting, and republishing the information you’ve found for your patrons? Imagine automatically posting up to date local or industry headlines on your library’s homepage. This is just one of the things you can do in just a few simple steps. This workshop covers many other RSS tools and services, including one that will create feeds from content without its own feed and another that will automatically turn your text-based content into an audio podcast.

Date and Time:
May 8,  1pm - 4pm CT

For more information and to register: /scripts/calendar/eventshow.asp?ProgID=8830

Please Note: With costs being what they are these days we must stress that we need a minimum of five people per workshop in order to justify the travel costs for the instructor. As a result we appreciate any assistance you can provide in promoting these workshops and encouraging others to attend. Also, if you are planning on attending please do not wait to register as a decision on preceding with or cancelling the workshop will be made approximately two weeks prior.


January 8, 2009

New quick reference available from OCLC: Searching Authorities

Entry Categories: Cataloging   Technical Services  

A new quick reference, OCLC Connexion: Searching Authorities is now available. This 6-page guide provides all the essential information you need to search OCLC authority records using either the Connexion client or Connexion browser interface.

This document is available online in PDF format, on the OCLC website, at the following locations:

WorldCat and Cataloging documentation

Connexion client Authorities documentation

Connexion browser documentation

Printed copies are also available at no charge. To request a printed copy, please send an e-mail request to and ask for product code REF1132.


January 15, 2009

CONTENTdm - January's Featured Collections

Entry Categories: Digitization & Preservation  

Organizations worldwide are using CONTENTdm® Digital Collection Management Software to create thousands of outstanding digital collections and to provide easy access to their unique holdings.

This month, four collections from the CONTENTdm Collection of Collections are featured on the CONTENTdm Web site. The featured collections for January are A. B. Nichols Panama Canal Collection, Sulphur Springs Collection of Pre-Nickelodeon Films, Mississippi Digital Library and Lethbridge Cenotaph Collection.

Included in the collection information below is a link to each organization’s record in the OCLC WorldCat Registry. OCLC’s WorldCat Registry allows libraries worldwide to manage and organize their data for vendors and third parties by creating and maintaining a comprehensive institutional profile in a single, Web-accessible location.

A. B. Nichols Panama Canal Collection
Linda Hall Library
A. B. Nichols Panama Canal Materials were gathered and organized during Nichols' tenure as Office Engineer. A.B. Nichols was first employed by the Isthmian Canal Commission in 1899 to survey the Nicaraguan route. In 1904, he was assigned to the Panama Canal, where he served as Assistant Engineer at the Gatun site. In 1906, he was appointed Office Engineer at Culebra Cut. The materials in these notebooks and albums were collected/created by A.B. Nichols from 1906 to 1917, though some material was added as late as 1923.

Sulphur Springs Collection of Pre-Nickelodeon Films
Southern Methodist University
The Sulphur Springs Collection of Pre-Nickelodeon Films is part of the extensive moving image holdings of the G. William Jones Film and Video Collection and contains nine short movies: two comedies and seven films depicting the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Mississippi Digital Library
Mississippi Digital Library
The Mississippi Digital Library is Mississippi's first effort to develop the infrastructure, collaboration model, standards, and workflow to support a lasting cooperative digital library program for the state. With funding awarded in December 2003 by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services, the library began as a partnership between the University of Southern Mississippi, Delta State University, the University of Mississippi, Tougaloo College, Jackson State University, and the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The Mississippi Digital Library contains books, pamphlets, photographs, sketches, audio recordings, manuscripts, and other primary sources related to Mississippi, its people, culture, and history.

Lethbridge Cenotaph Collection
University of Lethbridge Library
"They Never Came Home - The Lethbridge Cenotaph Project" is a collection of biographies relating to the 262 soldiers from World War I who are remembered on the cenotaph in Lethbridge, Alberta. Compiled by Brett Clifton, the biographies document their personal lives, military service, and circumstances of death. Grave photos and personal photos are included whenever possible.

These are just a few of the many outstanding digital collections created by CONTENTdm users.

If you would like to add your collections to the Collection of Collections, log in to the CONTENTdm User Support Center and follow the instructions. Be sure to submit metadata for all required fields including the Entered by field.


OCLC to convene Review Board to Discuss WorldCat Record Use Policy

Entry Categories: Cataloging   OCLC News   Technical Services  

OCLC Board of Trustees and Members Council to convene Review Board of Shared Data Creation and Stewardship

DUBLIN, Ohio, USA, 13 January 2009—OCLC Members Council and the OCLC Board of Trustees will jointly convene a Review Board of Shared Data Creation and Stewardship to represent the membership and inform OCLC on the principles and best practices for sharing library data. The group will discuss the Policy for Use and Transfer of WorldCat Records with the OCLC membership and library community.

The purpose of this Review Board is to engage the membership and solicit feedback and questions before the new policy is implemented. In order to allow sufficient time for feedback and discussion, implementation of the Policy will be delayed until the third quarter of the 2009 calendar year.

Read the full Press Release


January 20, 2009 now available for mobile phones

Entry Categories: OCLC News  

Now your library materials on are searchable through mobile devices, thanks to a new WorldCat mobile pilot that launched this month. The six month long pilot will operate in the US and Canada, to gather data which will inform future WorldCat mobile efforts.

Learn more about the WorldCat mobile pilot

Developed through a partnership with the mobile-technology leader Boopsie, mobile access to provides a convenient way for information seekers to find known items in libraries and to identify libraries near their location quickly. The pilot also complements the recently released experimental WorldCat app for iPhone, built with the WorldCat Search API and available for download from the Apple site.

To download the application, go to on your mobile phone’s Web browser.

Your feedback requested
Once you’ve used on your mobile phone, please give OCLC your feedback at with details of your experience and/or suggested enhancements that will make this mobile access to WorldCat even more useful to you and your users.



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