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  Nebraska Library Board Manual



The purpose of this manual is to assist library board members by:
  • Clarifying the functions and operation of the library board.
  • Providing guidelines for policy development.
  • Noting the laws that relate to library operation.
  • Describing the processes for board certification, librarian certification, and library accreditation.
  • Supplying direction for the planning process.
  • Offering tips for creating budgets and dealing with personnel issues.
  • Encouraging advocacy activities.
Please note that the terms "library board" and "board members" as used in this manual are interchangeable with "board of trustees" and "library trustees." Although most library boards in Nebraska are "governing boards," there are some that are "advisory boards," and some that are "hybrids." In this manual, "library board" refers to a governing board, unless the term "advisory" is specifically used.

This manual may include references and links to additional materials at the end of some chapters. Please refer to the Nebraska Library Commission's Website Policy.

In all the public libraries in Nebraska, from those in small communities to those in large cities, all library boards have some things in common. But there is also a variety of ways in which they function and work with their local governments. This manual is intended to provide basic information and guidance. For specific questions that arise in your library, you are encouraged to contact your Nebraska Regional Library System director or the Nebraska Library Commission, and to work with your local government officials for clarification.

Thank you for serving your community and your library as a board member. Your public service represents the type of citizen involvement that keeps our communities viable, and assures the future of libraries.

Holli Duggan
Continuing Education Coordinator
(402) 471-2694



           created 2006; rev. 8/2015

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