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Multiple Month - Year-At-A-Time Request Form

If your book group wants to reserve multiple titles for the upcoming year, this form is the best way to provide information to us so that we can make your reservations.

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Library Name
Contact Name
Email Address

Please fill out the two tables below.

1. Please provide a list of dates in the first table. We will need the dates you want to hand out the books, and the day of your discussion.

a. If you usually have discussion and then hand out the next book in the same meeting, your dates will overlap.

Table 1 - Dates


Handout DateDiscussion Date
Handout DateDiscussion Date

Table 2 - Titles

2. On this second table, we will need a list of titles you'd like to read, as well as some alternative titles. List all of your preferred titles first, then add a few alternates in case one or more of your preferences isn't available. Please also include the number of copies you'll need of the title. If there is anything to note about the number of copies or the title, please indicate that in the Notes field.

a. Make sure your number of titles exceeds your number of meeting dates.

Titles Ranked, With AlternatesNumber of CopiesNotes

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