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Why Does Your Library and Community Need Faster Broadband?

First off, it is helpful to find out what your community needs are. After doing a needs assessment, there may be needs in your community that you had not thought of. As a starting point, some of the reasons for improving library broadband speed include:

  • EDUCATION: Are there educational opportunities in your community that could benefit from faster speeds? Are some children left behind due to the Homework Gap? What about continuing education and virtual field trips?
  • HEALTH and WELLNESS: Can the library meet community health and wellness benefits needs? What about Telehealth, online access to benefits, and online forms?
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Small business growth, attraction of new business, and economic growth.
  • COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Are new residents attracted to the community and is the quality of life attractive to retain them?
  • DIGITAL LITERACY: Are community members digitally literate?

For more in-depth community needs resources, check out our planning resources