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  Public Library Director's Guidebook


The Nebraska Library Commission has arranged for discounts with a numbers of vendors including book jobbers and library supply companies. All Nebraska libraries are eligible for these discounts. See the list of negotiated discounts at:

Complete ordering information in included. The Commission also facilitates several group purchasing opportunities.

Group Purchases

OCLC CatExpress

OCLC CatExpress was developed to provide web-based copy cataloging, with limited editing capabilities, at a low, flat-fee subscription price. OCLC CatExpress is an annual subscription based on the maximum number of titles your library may catalog in a year. The annual subscription fee includes full search capabilities in WorldCat, the ability to set or delete holdings in WorldCat, delivery of OCLC-MARC records for you to load into your local system, and basic editing of your MARC records and printing of labels for your items. Subscription details are at:

OCLC Dewey Services

Join the Nebraska Dewey Group Purchase to save money on the print and web versions of the Dewey Decimal Classification. Complete ordering information at:


OverDrive Digital Library Reserve is a web-based digital media platform that enables library patrons to download popular digital audiobooks and eBooks in a wide variety of popular genres from a customized library website. eBooks are available for download to many popular eReaders and tablets. Downloadable audiobooks are also available. These digital books may be checked out for a limited period of time and are automatically returned to the collection when the checkout time expries. The library does not need to purchase any additional equipment to provide this remote service to patrons.

Libraries participating in the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Group currently have access to a shared and growing collection of digital downloadable audiobooks and eBooks. Access is provided through a customized Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Website created by OverDrive. To learn more, see:

How do I get discounts on the material and supplies I buy for my library?
Discounts have already been negotiated by the Nebraska Library Commission for all libraries in the state. Go to and scroll down through all the participating companies. There are well-known book jobbers such as Baker & Taylor and Ingram Library Services in addition to supply companies including The Library Store, Vernon Library Supplies, and DEMCO. Other vendors for furniture, security supplies, and software provide discounts through the Commission’s efforts. Contact information and discount codes are supplied on the Commission’s Discount webpage (see above).

What is a book jobber?
A book jobber is a wholesale merchant that sells books to schools and libraries from a wide variety of publishers. By going through a jobber with the Nebraska discount, libraries can save up to 45% on books and other library materials.

How do I buy magazine subscriptions?
Some libraries choose to purchase individual subscriptions to popular magazines from each publisher. That is probably the most complicated way to go. All those renewals due at different times—it is nearly a full time job to keep up with it. A much simpler and more cost effective way to purchase magazines is through a jobber. You pay once a year and no more hassle of figuring out which subscription is due now. Here are some of the best-known companies (in alphabetical order) and their websites:
Popular Subscription Service:
W.T. Cox:

What is Junior Library Guild?
Some school and public libraries choose to have children’s books sent to them on an automatic basis. The Junior Library Guild (JLG) is a company that selects books to send monthly so that the librarian does not have to read reviews and place orders each month. It is similar to a subscription in that you choose which levels of material you want sent automatically. JLG offers categories from prekindergarten through high school in genres from easy reading to adult crossover. For each category you select, there is a yearly price (you are buying twelve books from each category). Once your account is in place, you will receive a box of books, one from each selected category, each month. The benefit is that this service provides new material regularly. The down-side is the cost (you are giving up discounts from the other jobbers). For more information go to

What about Preview Boxes?
You will receive calls from publishers’ representatives. Many times they will offer to send you a preview box. They will have a box of books delivered to your library and you can look at them before deciding whether or not to purchase them. The benefit is the ability to see the actual material you will get. Generally you keep what you want and send back what you don’t. However, you are giving up the jobber’s discount, and if the material is not returned promptly, you will be invoiced for the whole box. Be aware of all the fine print involved before you agree to a preview program from any publisher.

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