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Depository Library Responsibilities

Clearinghouse Rules and Regulations NAC Title 236 Chapter 2-006
Online State Documents Beginning in 2005, the Nebraska State Documents Depository Program changed from a microfiche distribution program to a digital preservation and alerting program. The program is now focused on preserving and alerting Depositories to online versions of the same high-priority documents formerly sent to them on microfiche. Documents are downloaded or scanned, archived on a Library Commission server, and linked from our OPAC and from Nebraska State Publications Online. We continue to collect print copies  from state agencies and rely on our Depository and other library partners to make Nebraska government information available to their customers.
Nebraska E-docs Alerts Titles,  OCLC numbers and URLs of electronic versions archived on the Library Commission server.  New lists are posted quarterly in the What's Up Doc category of the Library Commission blog.
Guide to Nebraska State Agencies A guide to the NEDOCS classification scheme, including agency name and classification number changes.
Commission Catalog Use this to find catalog records for Nebraska state publications housed at the Library Commission. Publications received since January 1993 are cataloged in OCLC. Our catalog also includes local records for older publications and hotlinks to electronic versions.
Documents Mailing Lists Subscription information for GOVDOC-L and NEDOCS-L national and Nebraska email lists designed for problem solving and networking amongst documents librarians.
Preservation/Downloading Criteria Criteria used in choosing the approximately 10% of publications received at the Library Commission that are microfilmed and archived in electronic format.
Shipping Lists 2003-2005 PDF files of the lists that accompanied microfiche shipments to depository libraries. Lists include OCLC catalog numbers.
State Depository Libraries Contact information for Nebraska documents depositories
Clearinghouse Publications Links to What's Up Doc archives and blog category, the annual Nebraska State Government Publications compilation, Guide to Nebraska State Agencies.  

For more information, contact Mary Sauers.