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Information for the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Group

Circulation Policies & Settings
Collection Development (Budget)
Funding History
Hold Ratios & Additional Copies
How to Participate
Mailing List
MARC Records
Marketing Materials
Meeting Materials
Monthly Circulation Reports
Non-Resident Borrowers
OverDrive Advantage
OverDrive Marketplace (formerly Content Reserve)
Participating Libraries
Staff Training & Patron Assistance


Patrons of member libraries can browse, checkout, and enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines directly through the group's virtual branch website,, or by downloading and setting up the free Libby app.

Some member libraries also provide access to digital titles directly via MARC records in their online catalogs.



While anyone can go to the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries virtual branch website site and browse or search to see what titles are included in the collection, only authorized patrons of member libraries may sign in in order to checkout and download titles. There are two primary ways in which member libraries can authenticate their patrons:

  1. Libraries that use an integrated library system (ILS) that supports remote patron authentication can set up authentication directly with OverDrive by filling out and submitting an ILS Vendor Settings form. The data submitted via this form enables OverDrive to authenticate (or block) patrons based on real-time data from the ILS. In our consortium we have member libraries with SIRSI, Polaris, and Apollo using this authentication method. The ILS Vendor Settings form can be requested from and submitted to Susan Knisely.
  2. Libraries that use an ILS that doesn't support remote patron authentication can have the Nebraska Library Commission handle patron authentication to OverDrive for them. In order for the Nebraska Library Commission to do this libraries will need to submit patron data (specifically barcodes) for all patrons they want to have access to OverDrive. Libraries will need to provide updated patron data to the Nebraska Library Commission when they issue new cards or delete patron accounts.
    To assist libraries in updating patron data on file with the Nebraska Library Commission we have created a password-protected page on our website that allows libraries to quickly and easily update patron data. This page is located at and can be used to: 
    • Add a Library Card Number
    • Delete a Library Card Number
    • Upload a File Containing Multiple Library Card Numbers  

Individual library card number additions and deletions will take effect immediately, in real time. Uploaded files are handled manually by Library Commission staff. Please allow several days for uploaded files to be processed. Login information needed to to access this page is available upon request from Susan Knisely or Devra Dragos.


Circulation Policies & Settings

The following circulation policies and settings have been established by vote by libraries participating in the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Group. These settings can and should be reevaluated in response to patron feedback and patterns of use. Changes can be made at the discretion of the group.

  • Circulation period for audiobooks = 7 or 14 days (started with 14 days; changed to 7 days on June 16, 2008 due in part to the fact that audiobooks couldn't be returned early at the time; changed to patron choice 10-26-11)
  • Circulation  period for eBooks = 7, 14 or 21 days (eBooks CAN be returned early; started with 21 days; changed to patron choice 10-26-11)
  • Number of titles a patron can check out at one time = 6 total (started with 3; went to 4 on November 1, 2008; increased to 6 on January 6, 2014)
  • Number of titles a patron can have on hold at one time = 3
  • Number of days a title placed on hold will be reserved for the patron once it becomes available for the patron to check out = 3 days (starting when a notice is emailed informing the patron the title is available)


Collection Development (Budget)

Annual participation fees submitted by participating libraries, in addition to Nebraska eReads funds, are used to purchase content.

The group has typically divided the budget as follows:

  • Adult Fiction (current, popular, bestsellers) - 57%
  • Adult Non-Fiction (current, popular bestsellers) - 20%
  • Juvenile/Young Adult - 23%

The group currently purchase both audiobooks and eBooks:

  • Audiobooks are available in MP3 format and have been purchased regularly since the group went live in March 2008. The average cost of audiobooks purchased for the collection in 2015-2016 was $55.00.
  • eBooks are available in EPUB, PDF, and OverDrive READS formats and have been purchased regularly since July 2010. The average cost of eBooks purchased for the collection in 2015-2016 was $22.00.
  • The group made its first eBook purchase in July 2010 using funds appropriated from the audiobook budget.  Starting in October 2010, 1/3 of the total budget was allocated for eBooks and 2/3 for audiobooks. In April 2011, based on high demand for eBooks, the group voted to shift funds into the eBook budget so that approximately 1/2 of the budget goes for eBooks and 1/2 our budget goes for audiobooks.

Primary collection development responsibilities are currently shared by two volunteer selectors from member libraries, both of whom happily welcome title suggestions:

  • Mary Jo Mack, Director of the John A. Stahl Library in West Point currently purchases adult fiction. (Email title suggestions to
  • Karen Drevo, Youth Services Librarian at Norfolk Public Library currently purchases adult non-fiction and JUV/YA titles. (Email title suggestions to

Title suggestions may also be emailed to Nebraska Library Commission staff members Susan Knisely or Devra Dragos.

To search the complete catalog of titles available to purchase, member librarians are encouraged to login to OverDrive Marketplace. (See more information about OverDrive Marketplace below.)


Funding History

Funding for year one of the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Group consisted of the following:

  • One-time cost to create group website: $28,000 (Nebraska Library Commission)
  • Year one maintenance fee: $12,000 (Nebraska Library Commission)
  • Year one content budget: $28,552.34 (Participating Libraries)
  • One-time content subsidy: $20,000 (Nebraska Library Commission)

Total Year One Budget: $88,552.34 / Year One Content Budget: $48,552.34

Annual Maintenance Fee: NLC has and will continue to pay the $12,000 annual maintenance fee. Beginning in 2016, this fee will increase by $2,000 annually, for at least 5 years, so $14,000 in 2016, $16,000 in 2017, etc.


Hold Ratios & Additional Copies

In October 2011 the group voted to lower our target hold ratio (the number of holds on a title divided by the number of copies owned) from 8 to 6; in December 2013 the group voted to lower the hold ratio to 5. This means that whenever possible we will buy additional copies of titles so that there is at least one copy of the title for every five holds on it.

Since 2013, changes to licesning models (specifically, titles expiring after a certain number of checkouts or a certain amount of time) and cost have complicated the decision about whether or not to purchase additional copies -- or replacement copies after a licensed item expires. The group voted for the selectors to exercise personal discretion in these decisions going forward, taking into account licensing model, cost, and past circulation.


How to Participate

To learn how your Nebraska public library can participate in our group, jump to our OverDrive Pricing Page.


Mailing List

At least one staff member from each participating library should be signed up for the Nebraska OverDrive mailing list, where concerns, announcements, and general information about the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries project are shared. Additional staff members from participating libraries are welcome to sign up as well.

To post a message to the group send an email to


MARC Records

OverDrive MARC Express offers ready-to-load MARC records to your library at no cost. OverDrive creates these minimum MARC records in-house and delivers them to OverDrive Marketplace the day after a content order is placed. Your library can then load the record as is, or edit to suit your specific needs.

To access MARC Express records through Marketplace, your Marketplace account must have "Download MARC records" permission. If you need this permission added to your account, please contact Susan Knisely.

For additional information, see OverDrive Resource Center MARC Records.


Marketing Materials

Visit OverDrive's Marketing & Outreach website to download additional print-ready and digital marketing materials featuring the Libby app.


Meeting Materials

OverDrive Users Meeting, NLA/NSLA Conference, October 11, 2013

OverDrive Users Meeting, Lincoln/Online, November 22, 2013


Monthly Circulation Reports

Reports include circulation statistics for each library including numbers of Advantage copies loaned to their patrons and others.


Non-Resident Borrowers

Libraries that participate in the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries group are strongly encouraged to have written non-resident borrower policies in place that outline not only who is eligible for a non-resident card, but also what services non-resident card holders are entitled to use.

It is understood that libraries in the group will arrive at different policies based on their different local situations (funding source, philosophy, geography, etc.). However, libraries should keep in mind the following clause from the OverDrive license agreement: "It is agreed that the criteria for defining Authorized Patron shall include some restrictions from allowing users with no practical physical access to the Library's location."

It should also be noted that licensed, online/electronic resources are outside the scope of the NebrasKard program.


OverDrive Advantage

OverDrive Advantage gives libraries that are members of a consortium the ability to offer titles exclusively for their patrons. OverDrive Advantage members can purchase additional copies of popular titles that are already in the shared collection as well as titles that are not yet available in the shared collection. OverDrive Advantage membership allows libraries to offer their patrons reduced waiting lists on popular titles, plus a custom collection of titles developed specifically for the local community

OverDrive Advantage members receive a special login to their consortium's current Marketplace account. This allows them to purchase titles for their Advantage collection. Loan periods and lending rules established by the consortium remain the same for OverDrive Advantage titles.

Libraries will be charged an enrollment fee to be set up as an Advantage library. This fee has typically been applied as an OverDrive Advantage content credit that can be used by the library to purchase content. Advantage libraries can purchase additional content at any time, as long as account is in good standing. Content purchases will be billed to the library. For current enrollment fee information or to request an Advantage enrollment form, email Susan Knisely.

Advantage Plus: Advantage libraries can also choose to participate in Advantage Plus, which allows them to share some or all of their Advantage titles with other libraries in the consortium, while maintaining priority on holds for their own users. Libraries that participate in Advantage Plus are eligible to receive lender compensation from the Nebraska Library Commission. If libraries aren't already set up to receive lender compensation for OCLC interlibrary loans to Nebraska libraries, they will need to fill out paperwork in order to be eligible.


OverDrive Marketplace (Formerly Content Reserve)

OverDrive Marketplace is the password-protected acquisition, circulation, and site management portal for OverDrive's Digital Library Reserve system. It allows authorized library staff to review titles available for purchase, generate usage reports and statistics, reactivate download links, and more.

Marketplace  accounts have been set up for directors of participating libraries. Accounts can be set up for additional staff members of participating libraries upon request.

To access OverDrive Marketplace go to

If you need to have your login information sent to you again or if you need to request an additional account email Susan Knisely.


Participating Libraries

The following 190 libraries are currently participating in the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries group:

  1. Ainsworth | Ainsworth Public Library
  2. Albion | Albion Public Library
  3. Alliance | Alliance Public Library
  4. Alma | Hoesch Memorial Public Library
  5. Arapahoe | Arapahoe Public Library
  6. Arcadia | Arcadia Township Library
  7. Arlington | Arlington Public Library
  8. Arthur | Arthur County Library
  9. Ashland | Ashland Public Library
  10. Atkinson | Atkinson Public Library
  11. Auburn | Auburn Memorial Library
  12. Aurora | Alice M Farr Library
  13. Axtell | Axtell Public Library
  14. Bancroft | Bancroft Public Library
  15. Bartley | Bartley Public Library
  16. Bassett | Rock County Public Library
  17. Battle Creek | Lied Battle Creek Public Library
  18. Bayard | Bayard Public Library
  19. Beatrice | Beatrice Public Library
  20. Beaver City | Beaver City Public Library
  21. Beemer | Karlen Memorial Library
  22. Bellevue | Bellevue Public Library
  23. Benkelman | Dundy County Library
  24. Bennington | Bennington Public Library
  25. Blair | Blair Public Library & Technology Center
  26. Bloomfield | Bloomfield Public Library
  27. Blue Hill | Blue Hill Public Library
  28. Bridgeport | Bridgeport Public Library
  29. Broken Bow | Broken Bow Public Library
  30. Bruning | Bruning Public Library
  31. Burwell | Garfield County Library
  32. Byron | Byron Public Library
  33. Callaway | Nigel Sprouse Memorial Library
  34. Cambridge | Butler Memorial Library
  35. Central City | Central City Public Library
  36. Chadron | Chadron Public Library
  37. Chappell | Chappell Memorial Library & Art Gallery
  38. Clarkson | Clarkson Public Library
  39. Clay Center | Clay Center Public Library
  40. Clearwater | Clearwater Public Library
  41. Columbus | Columbus Public Library
  42. Cozad | Wilson Public Library
  43. Crawford | Crawford Public Library
  44. Creighton | Creighton Public Library
  45. Crete | Crete Public Library
  46. Culbertson | Culbertson Public Library
  47. Curtis | Klyte Burt Memorial Library
  48. Dakota City | Dakota City Public Library
  49. Davenport | Davenport Public Library (coming October 2022)
  50. David City | Hruska Memorial Public Library
  51. Deshler | Jennifer Reinke Public Library
  52. DeWitt | Burkley Library & Resource Center
  53. Dodge | John Rogers Memorial Library
  54. Elgin | Elgin Public Library
  55. Elmwood | Elmwood Public Library
  56. Elwood | Elwood Public Library
  57. Emerson | Emerson Public Library
  58. Exeter | Exeter Public Library
  59. Fairbury | Fairbury Public Library
  60. Fairmont | Fairmont Public Library
  61. Falls City | Falls City Library & Arts Center
  62. Franklin | Franklin Public Library
  63. Fremont | Keene Memorial Library
  64. Friend | Gilbert Public Library
  65. Fullerton | Fullerton Public Library
  66. Geneva | Geneva Public Library
  67. Genoa | Genoa Public Library
  68. Gering | Gering Public Library
  69. Gibbon | Gibbon Public Library
  70. Gordon | Gordon City Library
  71. Gothenburg | Gothenburg Public Library
  72. Grand Island | Grand Island Public Library
  73. Grant | Hastings Memorial Library
  74. Greenwood | Greenwood Public Library
  75. Gretna | Gretna Public Library
  76. Harrison | Sioux County Public Library
  77. Hartington | Hartington Public Library
  78. Hastings | Hastings Public Library
  79. Hebron | Hebron Secrest Library
  80. Hemingford | Hemingford Public Library
  81. Hemingford | Hemingford Public Schools
  82. Hildreth | Hildreth Public Library
  83. Holdrege | Holdrege Area Public Library
  84. Hooper | Hooper Public Library
  85. Howells | Howells Public Library
  86. Humboldt | Bruun Memorial Library
  87. Humphrey | Humphrey Public Library
  88. Hyannis | Grant County Library
  89. Imperial | Lied Imperial Public Library
  90. Indianola | Indianola Public Library
  91. Kearney | Kearney Public Library
  92. Kimball | Kimball Public Library
  93. La Vista | La Vista Public Library
  94. Laurel | Laurel Community Learning Center
  95. Leigh | Leigh Public Library
  96. Lexington | Lexington Public Library
  97. Louisville | Louisville Public Library
  98. Loup City | Loup City Public Library
  99. Lyons | Lyons Public Library
  100. Madison | Madison Public Library
  101. McCook | McCook Public Library
  102. Mead | Mead Public Library
  103. Meadow Grove | Meadow Grove Public Library
  104. Milford | Webermeier Memorial Library
  105. Minden | Jensen Memorial Library
  106. Mitchell | Mitchell Public Library
  107. Morrill | Morrill Public Library
  108. Mullen | Hooker County Library
  109. Nebraska City | Morton-James Public Library
  110. Neligh | Neligh Public Library
  111. Nelson | Nelson Public Library
  112. Norfolk | Norfolk Public Library
  113. North Bend | North Bend Public Library
  114. North Platte | North Platte Public Library
  115. Oakland | Oakland Public Library
  116. Ogallala | Kathleen Lute Public Library
  117. O'Neill | O'Neill Public Library
  118. Orchard | Orchard Public Library
  119. Ord | Ord Township Library
  120. Orleans | Cordelia B Preston Memorial Library
  121. Osceola | Osceola Public Library
  122. Oshkosh | Oshkosh Public Library
  123. Osmond | Osmond Public Library
  124. Oxford | Oxford Public Library
  125. Palisade | Palisade Public Library
  126. Palmyra | Palmyra Memorial Library
  127. Papillion | Sump Memorial Library
  128. Pawnee City | Pawnee City Public Library
  129. Paxton | Paxton Public Library
  130. Pender | House Memorial Library
  131. Pierce | Lied Pierce Public Library
  132. Pilger | Pilger Public Library
  133. Plainview | Plainview Public Library
  134. Plattsmouth | Plattsmouth Public Library
  135. Plymouth | Plymouth Public Library
  136. Polk | Polk Public Library
  137. Ponca | Ponca Carnegie Library
  138. Randolph | Lied Randolph Public Library
  139. Ravenna | Ravenna Public Library
  140. Red Cloud | Auld Public Library
  141. Rising City | Rising City Community Library
  142. Rushville | Rushville Public Library
  143. Saint Edward | St Edward Public Library
  144. Saint Paul | St Paul Public Library
  145. Sargent | Sargent Township Library
  146. Schuyler | Schuyler Public Library
  147. Scotia | Scotia Public Library
  148. Scottsbluff | Lied Scottsbluff Public Library
  149. Scribner | Scribner Public Library
  150. Seward | Seward Memorial Library
  151. Shelby | Shelby Community Library
  152. Shickley | Virgil Biegert Public Library
  153. Sidney | Sidney Public Library
  154. South Sioux City | South Sioux City Public Library
  155. Spalding | Spalding Public Library
  156. Springfield | Springfield Memorial Library
  157. Stanton | Stanton Public Library
  158. Stapleton | Logan County Library
  159. Stromsburg | Stromsburg Public Library
  160. Superior | Superior Public Library
  161. Sutherland | Maxine White-Sutherland Public Library
  162. Sutton | Sutton Memorial Library
  163. Syracuse | Syracuse Public Library
  164. Tecumseh | Tecumseh Public Library
  165. Tekamah | Lied Tekamah Public Library
  166. Thedford | Thomas County Library
  167. Tilden | Raymond A Whitwer Tilden Public Library
  168. Trenton | Trenton Public Library
  169. Valentine | Valentine Public Library
  170. Valley | Valley Public Library
  171. Valparaiso | Valparaiso Public Library
  172. Verdigre | Verdigre Public Library
  173. Wahoo | Wahoo Public Library
  174. Wakefield | Gardner Public Library
  175. Walthill | Walthill Public Library
  176. Waterloo | Agnes Robinson Waterloo Public Library
  177. Wauneta | Wauneta Public Library
  178. Wausa | Lied Lincoln Township Library
  179. Wayne | Wayne Public Library
  180. Weeping Water | Weeping Water Public Library
  181. West Point | John A Stahl Library
  182. Western | Struckman-Baatz Public Library
  183. Wilber | Dvoracek Memorial Library
  184. Winnebago | Winnebago Public Library
  185. Winside | Lied Winside Public Library
  186. Wisner | Wisner Public Library
  187. Wood River | Maltman Memorial Public LIbrary
  188. Wymore | Wymore Public Library
  189. York | Kilgore Memorial Library
  190. Yutan | Yutan Public Library


Staff Training & Patron Assistance

To prepare your staff to assist patrons with OverDrive, be sure to take advantage of training opportunities!

  • Visit OverDrive's Staff Training website to register for online training sessions, view recordings of training sessions, and access additional training resources!
  • View recordings of online training sessions by Nebraska Library Commission staff members.
    • Nebraska OverDrive Libraries Basic Training
      This "basic training" session will provide brief background information on the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries group (history, funding, policy, procedure), as well as a tour of the Nebraska OverDrive Libraries digital collection website. Attendees will learn how to search and browse the website for content and borrow and place holds on titles. We’ll also review the most popular methods of reading and listening to eBooks and audiobooks, including browser- and app-based options.   This session was conducted by Susan Knisely. Date: December 7, 2017. 1:33:55. Slides (PDF)
    • OverDrive Marketplace: Shopping, Statistics, and Support
      Marketplace is OverDrive’s shopping and admin portal, available to library staff at At least one person at each Nebraska OverDrive library should have a Marketplace account. Additional staff accounts can be created upon request. This session reviews how to search the OverDrive Marketplace Shop in order to see what titles are available to purchase through OverDrive. Even if you’re not authorized to make purchases yourself (most Marketplace accounts aren’t set up with purchase permission), having access to this information can help you answer patron questions about content availability and also make informed purchase recommendations, which are always welcome. You’ll also learn how to run a variety of usage reports, access end-user support tools, and submit a support form requesting technical assistance. This session was conducted by Susan Knisely. Date: November 10, 2016. 1:22:35. Slides (PDF)  
    • OverDrive Advantage Plus
      This training session is aimed at Nebraska OverDrive Advantage libraries. It will provide instructions on setting up and customizing an Advantage Plus Plan in order to shar titles originally purchased for the exclusive use of your own patrons with patrons of other libraries in the Nebraska OverDrive consortium. You'll also learn about reports you can use to track circulation activity generated by your participation in the Advantage Plus program and get answers to questions about using Marketplace as an Advantage library. This session was conducted by Devra Dragos. Date: November 28, 2017. 47:33.

The following handouts may be of use to both staff and patrons:

Don't forget these helpful online resources available directly from OverDrive:

  • OverDrive Help Videos - Access short videos demonstrating how to use OverDrive.
  • OverDrive Device Profiles -- Each profile lists recommended software and/or apps, compatible formats, and links to articles and videos containing step-by-step instructions to help you get started with a particular device. 
  • OverDrive Help - Access articles on a variety of help topics.
  • Libby Help - Get help using Libby, the newest app from OverDrive. Libby is recommended for patrons who are new to OverDrive. Libby is available for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and Windows 10.



The first line of defense for patrons who experience problems with OverDrive should be their local librarian. If the local librarian is unable to troubleshoot the problem, the librarian can login to OverDrive Marketplace and fill out a support form. 

What follows is a sampling of the types of information that may be required in order to troubleshoot a problem:

  • Patron's Library Card Number
  • Patron's PIN or last name (if applicable)
  • Title and Format (MP3, EPUB, PDF, Kindle) of Problem Media
  • Patron's Operating System (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Patron's Browser and Version Number (IE 7.x, Firefox 3.x, etc.)
  • Device that patron is using
  • Text and/or screen shot of any error messages


For more information, contact Databases.