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Cataloging Services

The Cataloging and Technical Services Librarian ensures that all Nebraska Library Commission holdings receive complete and accurate cataloging in the Nebraska Library Commission On-line Catalog and in the Online Cooperative Library Center (OCLC) WorldCat. The Librarian also provides cataloging training and support to any Nebraska library staff performing cataloging functions. Questions about subject heading assignment, call number assignment, MARC records, cataloging rules, OCLC cataloging, or any other cataloging-related topics can be directed to the Cataloging Librarian via telephone, email, fax, or regular U.S. mail

The current Cataloging Librarian is Vacant, 402-471-4031.

The Nebraska Library Commission's Cataloging Stance

The Nebraska Library Commission:

  • promotes the independence of Nebraska libraries of all types and sizes;
  • acknowledges the need for librarians to identify and understand the components of a MAchine-Readable Catalog (MARC) record;
  • acknowledges the need for librarians to accurately identify and match catalog records to library materials in hand;
  • acknowledges that it is not necessary for all libraries to create original catalog records at the local level; and
  • emphasizes the importance of libraries acquiring reliable and accurate cataloging records to ensure the integrity of their local catalogs.

In keeping with the above, the Nebraska Library Commission:

  • promotes, facilitates, and conducts training about cataloging through the Cataloging Certificate Program;
  • promotes products which will allow librarians to access and/or purchase authoritative and high quality catalog records;
  • facilitates and conducts training in the use of these promoted products; and
  • encourages the addition of libraries' holdings to OCLC WorldCat, whenever economically feasible and beneficial to the library, in order to promote resource sharing among Nebraska libraries of all types.

Contact the cataloger for cataloging support.

For more information, contact the cataloger