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FAQs About Sending Publications to the

Library Commission


1. We put this publication on our web site and have stopped making distribution copies. Do we still have to send it? WE STILL NEED 3 PRINT COPIES OF EACH TITLE

Part of our responsibility is to preserve publications for future users. Sending us at least three print copies ensures that a copy will remain in our collection and major publications like annual reports and statistics will be preserved on microfilm. If you don't send us print copies and the publication is removed from your web site it may be lost forever! Exceptions to this may be web-based publications that have many embedded hotlinks and are formatted for web browsing, not reading in print. Please let us know when you post publications to your web site so that we can link to them from our State Publications Online web site. For more information on sending online publications see our Online Publications Acquisition Policy.

2. Do you want our agency's correspondence? NO

Materials to be included in the program are defined this way:
  • Print shall include all forms of printing and duplicating, regardless of format or purpose, with the exception of correspondence and interoffice memoranda
  • State publications shall include any multiply produced publications printed or purchased for distribution by the state, the Legislature, constitutional officers, any state department or committee, or any other state agency supported wholly or in part by state funds;

3. How about meeting minutes? IT DEPENDS

If your agency has a major governing or advisory body (e.g. Game and Parks Commission, University Board of Regents), minutes of their meetings are records that should be going to the Nebraska State Historical Society for the State Archives according to your record retention requirements. If you do not send them to NSHS directly and send them to us along with your publications, we will forward them to NSHS. We do not want internal meeting minutes.

4. Do you need our consultant's reports? YES

We would like to get these if possible, even though a limited number of copies may have been produced. Consultant's reports are generally considered "work for hire ". They can be extremely valuable for researchers and historians tracing the history of legislation and policies of an agency. You might want to borrow our copy of a report done for your agency sometime!

"Governmental publications shall include any publications of associations, regional organizations, intergovernmental bodies, federal agencies, boards, and commissions, or other publishers that may contribute supplementary materials to support the work of the state Legislature and state agencies."

5. We sell some of our publications. Do we have to send them too? YES

Sale items are included too. You do have the option of not giving us permission to duplicate (i.e. digital copies made for our depository libraries).

6. Does my state college need to send our publications? YES
The Clearinghouse statute defines agencies included in the program as "every state office, officer, department, division, bureau, board, commission, and agency of the state and, when applicable, all subdivisions of each, including state institutions of higher education defined as all state-supported colleges and universities ". Community Colleges are exempt from participation.

For more information, contact Mary Sauers.