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NCampus - Nebraska Library Commission

Basic Skills: Resources for Librarians

Collection Management

Topic 1:  Selection

Assigned Readings:

Selection Policy. Sussex County [DE] Department of Libraries

Sample Materials Selection Policy  (currently unavailable)

Materials Selection. Jefferson-Madison Regional Library Policy

Selection Sources. Bellingham Public Schools, Library Collection Management

Additional Resources:


Every Reader a Reviewer: The Online Book Conversation

Topic 2: Acquisitions

Assigned readings:

Statement on Principles and Standards of Acquisitions Practice, from the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS), part of the American Library Association

Principles for Licensing Electronic Resources file


Additional Resources:

Ingram Library Services

Baker & Taylor

Amazon Library Services

Barnes & Noble Library Services

ABE Books

Topic 3: Weeding

Assigned Readings:

Why is weeding so hard, and what can we do about it?

CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries

"Weeding and Collection Development Go Hand-in-Hand," by Marvene Dearman and Elizabeth Dumas. Louisiana Libraries Vol. 71 no. 2 (Fall 2008) Pp. 11-14.

"Important Facts About Old Books," by Marilyn Wurzburger.

Weeding the Fiction Collection: Should I Dump Peyton Place?

The Facts About Library Fiction

Weeding Mysteries file. [PUBLIB]

Additional Resources:

This into That

Secret Compartment Book

How to Make a Handbag out of a Recycled Book

How to Create an Altered Art Book

"Get to Effective Weeding," by Diane J. Young.  Library Journal, November 15, 2009.

Awful Library Books

Hamilton Public Library Weeding Guidelines

Weeding Process

Weeding As A Part of Collection Development

Topic 4: Preservation and Repair

Assigned Readings:

Parts of a Book (1:38)

Hinge Tightening Instructions (3:08)

A Simple Book Repair Manual . Preservation Services, Dartmouth College Library

Drying Wet Books and Records

How to Fix a Scratched CD

Additional Resources:

A Public Trust At Risk

Connecting to Collections Guide to Online Resources

Disc Repair 101

The Bone Folder: A Dialogue Between an Aesthetically-Inclined Bibliophile and a Well-Versed-In-All-Aspects of_The_Craft Bookbinder, By Ernst Collins



Topic 5: Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Assigned readings:

Flood Recovery Booklet

Contents of a Disaster Plan

Additional Resources: