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Continuing Education

The Nebraska Library Commission provides, coordinates, and publicizes many continuing education opportunities for Nebraska's librarians.  These continuing education activities are designed to help library staff members enhance knowledge and improve skills in order to provide excellent service for their communities.

To encourage professional development, Nebraska Library Commission staff administer the Nebraska Public Librarian Certification and the Public Library Board Certification programs.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Continuing education (CE) credit is earned for participation in planned learning experiences designed to bring about changes in knowledge, skills, or attitudes which contribute directly to the delivery of quality library services and competent practice of librarianship.

CE Opportunities include:

Basic Skills Courses
Big Talk from Small Libraries
Cataloging Certificate Program
Free Webinars
NCompass Live
Nebraska Learns 2.0
OCLC WebJunction Training

For more information about CE requirements and earning CE credit:

Continuing Education for Public Librarian Certification
Continuing Education for Public Library Board of Trustees

Continuing Education and Training Grants

The purpose of these grants is to assist Nebraska libraries with improvements to library services provided to their communities through continuing education and training for their library personnel and supporters.

Grant Information and Application
Grant Recipients Database

Continuing Education Records

Individual CE records are confidential. To view your record, you will need to login using your first name, last name, and password. Public library board CE records are public and may be viewed at any time.

CE Record Review - Individual
Nebraska Public Library Board Certification Status

Library Training & Events Calendar

Nebraska library-related training, meetings, and other events

Professional Education

Library Science Education in Nebraska
Scholarship Information

Public Librarian Certification

Certification of public library directors and additional staff members, depending on the size of local service areas of the library, is a requirement for Library Accreditation.
Application/Enrollment Form
Basic Skills Courses
CE Activity Reporting Form
CE Record Review
Earning CE Credit
Public Librarian Certification Program Information

Public Library Board Certification

Certification of a public library's board of trustees is a requirement for Library Accreditation.
CE Activity Reporting Form
CE Opportunities for Trustees
Nebraska Public Library Board Certification Status
Public Library Board of Trustees Certification Information

Reporting Continuing Education Activity

Continuing education activities are offered by many reputable agencies, organizations, and institutions. Unless a sponsor of an activity specifically states that they will report attendance so that CE credits can be recorded by the Nebraska Library Commission, the individual is responsible for reporting participation in an activity or event within 90 days.
CE Activity Report Form - Public Librarian Certification
CE Activity Report Form - Public Library Board of Trustees

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