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Continuing Education and Training Grant
to attend
the Association of Rural and Small Libraries Conference,
September 25-28, 2013 in Omaha

Nebraska public librarians have a terrific opportunity to attend a national professional conference this fall--right in their own backyard!

Because we think this is such a great opportunity, the Nebraska Library Commission (NLC) will be targeting all of the funds available this year for Continuing Education and Training Grants toward grants to Nebraska public library staffers to attend the ARSL Conference. We hope to send about 35 to 40 Nebraska librarians to the Conference.

The grant will cover virtually all the expenses of attending the conference—registration, mileage, lodging, and meals. The covered expenses include:

How it works:

Applications must be received at NLC by 5:00 p.m. CST July 3, 2013 Changed to July 12, 2013. We will inform applicants whether they have received a grant on or before July 19.

The applicant must be the person who attends the conference (the grant is not transferable.) The applicant must be a staffer in an accredited Nebraska public library at the time of application, and for the duration of the conference. Please note that if an entity, or a person working for that entity, has unresolved issues with any previous Commission grant projects, they will not be eligible to apply for a Continuing Education and Training Grant.

We must receive, by 5:00 p.m. CST July 3, 2013 Changed to July 12, 20133, attached to the application or under separate cover, a completed acknowledgement and indication of support form for the applicant’s attendance at the conference from the library director, or if the applicant is a library director, from the head of the library board, or the city official to whom the director reports.

In order to spread this opportunity as widely as possible, we will consider the earliest application from every library represented in the application pool before considering applications from additional individuals from any institution.

After the application is approved:

You must sign and return the grant agreement form by mail, so that the form has an original signature on it. A dated, signed agreement must be on file at the NLC by September 24 (before the conference starts), or NLC will not reimburse you. To receive funds, you must have an IRS W-9 form on file with the Nebraska Library Commission. (Form available at:

You register for the conference, pay for it, and attend.

Because registration fees must be confirmed and paid for a month before the conference, you may submit a separate request for reimbursement for registration and membership expenses incurred over one month before the conference takes place. If you do not attend the conference after being reimbursed for registration, the Nebraska Library Commission will require that the funds be returned.

Within 30 days of the end of the conference, you submit a completed Expense Reimbursement Request form. The NLC will reimburse allowable costs, up to approved amounts. The NLC abides by the State of Nebraska travel rules. We can generally authorize reimbursement on a completed request form within a few weeks.

Membership in ARSL:
Member registration is less expensive than non-member registration. So join the organization before you register. We’ll reimburse the membership fee for

  • Library Staff Level 1 (Library Staff making $30,000 or more per year): $39.
  • Library Staff Level 2 (Library Staff making $15,000-$29,999 per year): $19
  • Library Staff Level 3 (making $14,999 or less per year): $9

If you register before August 25, the cost is $235.00 for an ARSL member. We will reimburse up to $235.00 for registration.

Meals not covered by Registration:
Breakfast and lunch meals are covered by the registration fee. We will reimburse the cost of dinners for up to $31.00 per dinner.

If you have at least 2 conference attendees in the car, we will reimburse mileage (distance from your library to the conference hotel) at 56.5 cents/mile. If you drive alone, we will reimburse at 1/2 mileage.

If your library is 60 miles or closer to the Doubletree Hotel, we will pay mileage (distance from your library to the conference hotel) for up to 4 round trips, but will not pay lodging. We will fully reimburse mileage at 56.5 cents/mile if you have at least 2 conference attendees in the car. If you drive alone, we will reimburse at 1/2 mileage.

If you are a rider, rather than a driver, we will not reimburse for mileage.

In order to facilitate carpooling, we will be sending out a list of all grant recipients and their contact info.

We will cover lodging for Thursday and Friday nights for 2 people sharing a room at the Doubletree at the Conference rate of $99.00. Extra charges to the room are not covered.

If you attend a pre-conference on Wednesday, we will reimburse lodging for Wednesday night.

If conference attendees’ libraries are closer to Omaha than 60 miles, we will not reimburse lodging expenses.

If your library (or the library of the person with whom you are riding) is farther than 150 miles from the conference hotel, we will reimburse one night's lodging, for up to $50 per person, "on the road." This may be Tuesday evening, if you are attending a pre-conference on Wednesday, or Wednesday evening, if you are not attending a pre-conference. OR it may be Saturday night after the conference ends at 1 p.m. Saturday.

Registration for a pre-conference:
Four Pre-conferences are being offered. Costs vary. We will reimburse registration for a pre-conference.

Submit all paperwork by email to:
Holli Duggan at laura.johnson (at) with the subject line, "C.E. Grant Application - ARSL."

There must be questions--I know I must have forgotten something. If you have a question, please contact me. I'd much rather answer a question than cause anxiety. Contact me, Holli Duggan via email or at 402.471.2694, or 800.307.2665.

Application for Grant (submittable online)

Acknowledgement and indication of support form

C.E. Reporting for for the ARSL Conference

Expense Reimbursement Form

Expense Reimbursement Guidelines for Conference Attendance

Example of a completed Expense Reimbursement form

For more information, contact Holli Duggan.