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How to Participate in the NebrasKard Program

  1. Review the NebrasKard program information packet.
  2. Obtain appropriate approval to participate in the program.
  3. Mail the completed Agreement Form and Materials Order Form to:

    Nebraska Library Commission
    The Atrium
    1200 N Street, Suite 120
    Lincoln, NE 68508-2023

  4. The Nebraska Library Commission will send a NebrasKard program packet of materials to participating libraries including logos for public display and other program and promotional materials.
  5. Once the materials have been received, identify your library as a participant by placing the logo in a prominent place in the library.
  6. Make available NebrasKard promotional and program materials to library patrons.
  7. Verify patron's home library is a NebrasKard participant by checking the NebrasKard directory. Verify current patron identification information and enter that patron as a non-resident or NebrasKard patron. A current list of participating libraries will be maintained on the Library Commission's Web site.
  8. Follow program rules as stated in the NebrasKard policies included in the program packet. A current version of the NebrasKard program policy and procedure manual will be maintained on the Nebraska Library Commission Web site. Libraries will be informed of proposed and approved policy and procedure changes.
  9. Maintain statistics and report them annually to the Nebraska Library Commission.

For more information, contact Rod Wagner.