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NebrasKard Policies and Procedures

Purposes and Benefits of the NebrasKard Program
General Policies
Reimbursement Policies
Nebraska Library Commission Responsibilities
Participating Libraries' Responsibilities
Borrowers' Responsibilities

Purposes and Benefits of the NebrasKard Program
  • Encourages Nebraska libraries to participate in reciprocal borrowing arrangements for the benefit of libraries and library users.
  • Provides additional value for local and state tax dollars.
  • Takes library resource sharing beyond Interlibrary Loan and permits direct borrowing by users from participating libraries.
  • Demonstrates collaborative effort among Nebraska libraries for benefit of library users.
  • Supports literacy and reading.
  • Demonstrates the value of Nebraska libraries.
  • Increases public awareness of libraries.
  • Addresses the service needs and interests of a mobile society.
  • Makes greater use of library resources.
  • Supports distance education programs.
  • Provides reimbursement for lost materials.
Policies and Responsibilities

General Policies
  1. Library participation in the NebrasKard program is voluntary.
  2. A public library must meet Nebraska accreditation requirements in order to issue a NebrasKard to its borrowers. However, an unaccredited public library may participate in the NebrasKard program as a lending library.
  3. The NebrasKard program is open to public and academic libraries. The NebrasKard or NebrasKard sticker of registered borrowers from any participating library will be honored at any other participating NebrasKard library.
  4. Participating libraries are expected to extend to NebrasKard borrowers the same lending privileges received by their primary clientele. NebrasKard borrowers will not be charged a non-resident fee when borrowing from a participating NebrasKard public library. If a library finds it necessary to place restrictions on the number and/or type of materials loaned to NebrasKard borrowers, participation with restrictions is preferable to non-participation.

    **Note: The NebrasKard program does not cover electronic resources. Local policies for non-resident use of such resources should be decided upon by the library board after review of license agreements, and then be available in writing.

  5. Libraries charge $15 for the NebrasKard sticker or keychain for non-residents of the library service area. Any fees collected for issuing the NebrasKard are to be retained by the issuing library.
  6. Participating libraries will provide walk-in building, collection, and reference use at no cost to library users.
  7. Home libraries will maintain and assist lending libraries in sharing current patron address and phone number in the retrieval of overdue materials or collection of fines and fees. Home libraries may suspend borrowing privileges due to non-return of items or non-payment of fines at a lending library. A NebrasKard borrower will be asked to sign a waiver allowing borrower information to be shared with other participating libraries.
  8. NebrasKard borrowers will be subject to the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the lending library. This may include collection agency services for securing non-returned items, or prosecution for non-return of loaned items.
  9. NebrasKard borrowers will be responsible for returning materials to the library from which the materials were borrowed. However, libraries may choose to participate in reciprocal arrangements that permit borrowers to return materials to any participating library for return to the lending library. Libraries may, if they choose, offer mail-back bags and return address labels for return of loaned items.
Reimbursement Policies
  1. Libraries will not be reimbursed for items loaned through the NebrasKard program.
  2. Participating libraries may request compensation for any losses of library items (pre-program participation levels) resulting from participation in the program. Replacement cost claims shall be based on a documented value, using a standard source such as Books In Print, plus a processing cost of not more than $10. The maximum reimbursement amount for any single item will be $75.
  3. Libraries that wish to claim reimbursement for any lost materials may submit a claim to the Nebraska Library Commission when the cumulative cost to an individual library reaches a minimum of $25. Libraries are encouraged not to submit claims more often than twice annually. Claims shall include, at minimum:
    1. a list of items lost through NebrasKard usage;
    2. the replacement cost of the lost items using a standard source (such as Books In Print) and not to exceed $75 per item, including a processing cost not more than $10 per item; and
    3. indication of good faith effort to recover lost items.
Nebraska Library Commission Responsibilities
  1. Provide for the overall statewide administration, coordination, and evaluation of the NebrasKard program.
  2. Promote the NebrasKard program.
  3. Provide information and promotional materials for libraries.
  4. Coordinate efforts with the regional library systems.
  5. Appoint and support the work of a NebrasKard advisory committee to assist in program evaluation and development of policy recommendations.
  6. Issue and maintain an active file of agreements from participating libraries.
  7. Maintain NebrasKard program information on the Library Commission Web site including a list of current participating libraries.
  8. Solicit regular input from libraries concerning NebrasKard program results.
  9. Encourage sharing of information among participating libraries for continuous program improvement and problem resolution.
  10. Establish and maintain a replacement fund for NebrasKard participating libraries that submit claims for losses.
Participating Libraries' Responsibilities
  1. Post NebrasKard signage (supplied by the Nebraska Library Commission) to identify the library as a program participant.
  2. Honor NebrasKard keychains and stickers from all participating libraries.
  3. Sign and return to the Library Commission a NebrasKard Participating Library Agreement form.
  4. Inform NebrasKard borrowers about local rules and regulations.
  5. Secure a signed NebrasKard Library Customer Registration form and borrower agreement prior to issuing the NebrasKard (keychain tag and/or sticker).
  6. For public libraries: Collect a $15 non-resident fee (per person) for issuing a NebrasKard sticker and/or keychain tag.
  7. Keep and provide statistics about NebrasKard registrations (i.e., number of NebrasKard borrowers).
  8. Publicize and promote the program at the community level.
  9. Acquire or verify the current address of NebrasKard borrowers.
  10. Identify books and other loanable materials in order that loaned items are returned to the appropriate library.
Borrowers' Responsibilities
  1. Register and be a borrower of good standing at home library.
  2. Be informed about and abide by the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the lending library.
  3. Be responsible for all materials borrowed, including payment for lost or damaged materials, overdue fines, or other fees, including postage, if applicable.
  4. Return materials in a timely manner according to the rules of the lending library.

For more information, contact Rod Wagner.