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Makerspace Policies and Use & Liability Forms

Most makerspaces have established policies and a liability form that makers must sign before using the makerspace. Policies vary from one makerspace to another but could cover many of the following subject areas:


  • The goals of the makerspace
  • Where makerspace open hours will be posted
  • Information about any fees associated with the makerspace
  • Who will have access to the makerspace
  • Refund policy (if selling consumables)
  • List of approved or not-approved consumables makers can bring in
  • Reservation process (if used)

User Requirements:

  • Read and agree to policies and sign a use/liability release agreement
  • Have a membership, library card, or other requirement if applicable
  • Participate in training to operate certain machines
  • Adhere to all policies and rules
  • Adhere to laws (copyright, etc.)
  • Report broken or damaged equipment and missing parts
  • Report accidents and injuries
  • Report unsafe or inappropriate behavior

Computer/Machine Use

  • Abide by computer policies, if applicable
  • Never modify any hardware or software
  • Save any created digital content on a flash drive or via an online cloud service

Safety Related:

  • Follow equipment safety procedures
  • Safety attire (i.e. gloves, safety goggles, no dangling strings or jewelry)
  • Turn off and/or cool down designated machines as outlined in instructions
  • Emergency procedures (exits, fire extinguishers, etc.)


  • Clean up after yourself—the machine and the work space
  • Remove your projects when done with a machine
  • Dispose of debris properly


  • What cannot be made in the makerspace (weapons, etc)
  • Related to food & drinks
  • No unsafe behavior
  • Age restrictions to operate machine
  • Time limits on machines, if applicable
  • Use of headphones, ear buds, cell phones while operating machinery
  • What machines you must continue to monitor while in operation

Rights of Makerspace:

  • May suspend or deny access to makerspace to persons who fail to follow policies
  • May institute time limits on machines as needed to accommodate other makers

Examples of policies and forms used by makerspaces:

Recorded Policies Webinar

Library Innovation Studio Policies Webinar

For more information, contact JoAnn McManus.