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NebraskAccessRecorded Webinars

Librarians can recieve CE credit for watching a recorded session. Please use the CE Activity Report - Online Form to submit the information. 

What is NebraskAccess?

A) It’s a website!
B) It’s a subject directory of websites selected by librarians!
C) It’s the Nebraska Library Commission statewide database program!
D) All of the above!

NebraskAccess has been around in one form or another for a number of years (NLC started purchasing statewide access to databases on behalf of Nebraska libraries and residents in 1998). Many of us in the Nebraska library community have been around a long time too – which makes it tempting to assume that EVERYONE knows what NebraskAccess is. We know that’s not the case though. Every year we run in to librarians who just entered the profession or just moved to the state and DON’T know about NebraskAccess. This session is for them (and any of you who’ve been around for a while but want a refresher)! Join Allana Novotny and Susan Knisely as they address fundamental questions like: What is NebraskAccess? How can my library participate? Who pays for it? How do my patrons access it? What databases are included? How do I stay informed? And more.


Introduction to NoveList Plus

This one-hour session will introduce Nebraska librarians to the features and functionality of NoveList Plus, the readers' advisory database added to NebraskAccess on July 1, 2015. At the end of the hour attendees should feel more confident in their ability to answer the patron question "What should I read next?"


For more information, contact NebraskAccess.