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Library Data Services - Surveys

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Public Library Survey

Each year the Nebraska Library Commission collects statistical data from all Nebraska public libraries as part of a national survey. This survey includes data elements about funding, expenditures, usage, collections, programs, and staffing. The data is reported to the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) through the Public Library Statistics Cooperative (PLSC), in cooperation with the U.S. Census Bureau. The collected data is useful for planning and evaluation purposes and can be utilized to demonstrate the need for financial support from funding sources and policy makers at the state and local level.  Submitting this annual statistical survey through Bibliostat™ Collect is also required to become eligible for the public library accreditation program and the state aid to public libraries program. Public library surveys run from mid-November until mid-February.

Unaccredited public libraries are encouraged to submit data for the aforementioned Public Libraries Survey. If answers to at least all of the federal data elements on the report are submitted using the Web-based survey provided through Bibliostat™ Collect, the unaccredited library is eligible for a payment of $200 as part of the Dollars for Data grant program.

Supplemental Survey

Nebraska public libraries are asked to complete the Nebraska Library Commission's supplemental survey. The supplemental survey provides information used in online web pages, public library maps, and other directories. The survey asks questions about public library staff, board members, friends groups, hours, website URL's, and library social media accounts. It is important to keep this information up to date. The survey can be completed at any time the library information changes, but reminders are sent during the submission of the annual public library survey. The ID and password for the supplemental survey are the same as the Bibliostat password

For more information, contact Sam Shaw.