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Library Innovation Studios

Additional Info

Project Summary

Logic Model

Library Participation Benefits and Expectations with Answers to Questions

Application of Interest & Commitment  (pdf)  (Word)

Recorded Webinars

Training Videos

Equipment / Components

Equipment Instructions

Space Needs Chart


Community Engagement

Partners & Donors


Successful Makerspace initiatives depend on constant two-way communication within the community. Communication activities will be initiated by the local library staff, local extension educators, other local partners, and volunteers and makers. Listed below are a few suggested communication activities and resources. Each local library is encouraged to customize them according to specific target audiences and community needs. Each local community will focus on the communication channels and activities that work best in each area. Please share your communication successes in the Slack Forum ( so that other communities can benefit from them. Since Word-of-Mouth is such a powerful communication strategy, please be sure to encourage everyone to “Tell Your Friends!” about the Library Innovation Studio—what they found there, what they learned there, who they met there, and how it changed their life.

Upcoming Host Libraries - General Information Power Point

Media Kit
(Everything on this page to help you communicate with your target audiences)

How Can We Use this Media Kit? [Word Doc] [PDF]

Open up the Word Doc or the PDF and use the helpful tips to:

  • Announce the arrival of the Library Innovation Studio Makerspace in your community.
  • Tell the “story” of how the Library Innovation Studio can help community residents explore, collaborate, create, learn, and invent.
  • Share testimonials about how the Makerspace facilitates entrepreneurship and local economic/community development.
  • Invite the public to attend planning sessions, training events, workshops, and Maker Showcases.
  • Recruit volunteers to serve on the Community Action Team, assist with equipment maintenance, serve as trainers on the Training Team, etc.
  • Publicize the Open House to introduce the community to the Library Innovation Studio.
  • Publicize the Local Maker Showcase to celebrate success with the community.
  • Be sure to display the IMLS logo, available at and include this credit line in all communication efforts: The Nebraska Library Innovation Studios: Transforming Rural Communities project is supported in part by the Nebraska Library Commission, partnering with the University of Nebraska Lincoln Nebraska Innovation Studio, Nebraska Extension, and Regional Library Systems. The project is funded through a National Leadership Grant awarded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS grant #LG-95-17-0046-17).

How Do We Get Media Attention? [Word Doc] [PDF]

Develop contact lists for the media outlets in your area

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Newspapers and other print publications
  • Other

Distribute News Releases

Some Results from News Releases

Develop and Send Pitch Leters and Emails

Sample Pitch Letter/Email [Word Doc] [PDF]

Develop and Send Public Service Announcements

Sample Public Service Announcement (PSA) [Word Doc] [PDF]

Interview Tips  [Word Doc] [PDF]

Adapt this Information Sheet [Word Doc] [PDF]

Use Social Media.

Make your message go viral when launching a story.

Build Word-of-Mouth Marketing. [Word Doc] [PDF]

Don’t just wait for people to start talking. Find new ways to say, "Tell your friends!"

Signage for the Library and Community

  • Flyers and posters (Library can fill in the blanks):
  • Legal Poster

    Legal size [PDF]
     Letter Poster

     Letter size [PDF]
    Tabloid Poster

    Tabloid size [PDF]

  • Specific Equipment signs -- with support solicitation
  • Sample poster, as used for..... send us your examples to share here.


  • Logos available for download:

  • LIS Logo Header - Invent, Create, Imaging LIS Logo LIS Logo Header LIS Logo Footer with Sponsors

  • Event Planning Form (Open House, etc.) [Word Doc] [PDF]
  • Template Library Open House Information Sheet [Word Doc] [PDF]
  • Nebraska Library Innovation Studios: Transforming Rural Communities Website
  • Interview Tips

Send Us Your Feedback!

  • Tell a story about a customer or ask them to tell the story in their own words. Share how you are encouraging everyone in the community to “Tell Your Friends!” and how your customers are practicing Word-of-Mouth marketing.
  • Kinley (age 8) wrote this note to the Ainsworth Public Library. (Thanks, Gail Irwin.)
  • Tell us what you need to promote your Makerspace.
  • Tell us how we can improve the Nebraska Library Innovation Studios: Transforming Rural Communities project.
  • Use the Forum ( to learn together (contact library staff for an invitation).

Contact Information

JoAnn McManus, Library Innovation Studios Project Manager, Nebraska Library Commission, 1200 N Street, Suite 120, Lincoln, NE 68508-2023, 402-471-4870, 800-307-2665

This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services [grant #LG-95-17-0046-17].
Program Partners include: Nebraska Library Commission, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Nebraska Innovation Studio, Nebraska Regional Library Systems, and Nebraska 4-H Extention