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Library Innovation Studios

Equipment Instructions

Find Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all Stations and Mobile Kits. SOP's are subject to change as the program progresses.

Equipment S.O.P. - Last Updated Training Instrustions
CNC Router Carvey 11/06/17  
3D Printer Replicator+ 11/06/17  
Laser Cutter Universal Laser 11/06/17  
Vinyl Cutter Graphtec 11/01/17  
Heat Press    
Embroidery/Sewing Machine    
Camera Kit    
Music Kit    
Arduino & Sparkfun Starter Kits Arduino/Sparkfun 11/06/17  
Lego Mindstorm    
Button Maker    
Soldering Kit Soldering Iron 11/06/17  
Makey Makey    
Iron & Steamer    
Glue Gun    
For more information, contact JoAnn McManus.

For more information, contact JoAnn McManus.