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Station #4 - CNC Router

This shows the desktop CNC router station (Station #4), which features two devices, the Carvey Inventables CNC router and a desktop computer. These devices will be set up in the same proximity either on the same table or counter or on adjacent tables/counters. Each of the devices will need to be plugged into electricity. The computer will need internet access, ideally through a hard-wired port. Ideally, you would want to allow a minimum of 24 inches between the devices. A 6' x 3' table would work for this station.

The Carvey CNC Router has a maximum build area (or size of the board or other material you place in the machine) of 11.6" x 8" x 2.50". Material height and depth of cut cannot exceed 2.50 inches.

The cutting area of the machine is fully enclosed and will contain the dust created during the machine operation. The dust can be easily vacuumed up once a job is completed. A vacuum and brush is provided.

Although the machine will make noise, the machine is quiet enough to carry on a conversation while the machine is running.

If handled and operated as recommended the machine is safe to use. The Carvey features a safe lid design to reduce risk of accident or injury.

More information about the Carvey Inventable here

Critical consideration: CNC routers can create wood shavings. You’ll want to be diligent about sweeping and wiping down the area in and around the machine.

Note: CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled.



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